Fox Mountain Essences for Forgiveness in Healing

by Ziporah Hildebrandt

An excerpt from the forthcoming book "Flower Essences of Fox Mountain: a Guide to Self-Healing and Re-Connecting with Earth and Spirit." The first sections of this book will be available on Kindle in 2013.

Forgiveness is an important part of the healing process. Deep and powerful, forgiveness is divine. Sweeping through the entire being, cleansing every cell and energy center in the body, forgiveness comes through the soul from the divine source within.

After people experience this healing transformation, they may say things like, "I understand now why he did that to me," and, "It's okay, I forgive and love her." This is not condoning or denying hurtful behavior. Mere words are not forgiveness. Hearing this from people who were before filled with bitterness shows how complete the transformation of forgiveness truly is.

True forgiveness is not easy. First we must feel those feelings we usually avoid--pain, fear, hatred, rage, shame, betrayal, anguish, loss. Feelings most of us were taught were not okay to express or even feel. When suppressed, emotions build in intensity, often growing huge and terrifying within us. To forgive and heal, these shadowy monsters must be met with love and acceptance.

True forgiveness is letting go. Like releasing the string of a kite, anger, hate, blame, pain and being a victim sail away out of sight in the heavenly blue. You probably still remember what happened. But the trauma and "charge" is gone from the memory. You know how you felt, but you realize you don't have to feel that way now, because it's over, in the past. You've stopped holding on.

In a flood or a gentle whisper, you receive the understanding that everything was a step on life's journey. No one is off the karmic hook for what happened. But the pain of the past is gone, replaced with love. Love for yourself now, love for the self you were then, love for those who hurt you, because they are each--like you--divine souls struggling on the path of life.

True forgiveness is forgiving yourself. It is often easier to open our hearts to love others than it is to turn divine love upon ourselves and all the imperfections we know so intimately. Yet the soul is infinitely tender. In its awareness, our flaws are cherished as varied aspects of our experiences on the path to wholeness.

Many of us keep the soul--the most vulnerable, exquisitely sensitive core of our beingness--deep inside defensive walls. Cracking those walls takes courage and trust, for until we experience the nourishing faith of the soul, how do we know for sure divinity is in us?

Flower essences bring us closer to our souls. They connect us to sources of knowing beyond the intellect. By working with essences and self-awareness, we are guided towards divine love and divine forgiveness. The Flower Essences of Fox Mountain are made with great love, with divine faith and healing as their inspiration. I have found them to be deep and powerful, yet gentle in action, wise and full of soul.

Fox Mountain Essences for Forgiveness
by Ziporah Hildebrandt

Grieving Combination helps release past pain, opening the heart to healing divine love. Grieving heals all kinds of loss. Loss is replaced with love.

Healer Combination was formulated for abuse survivors who feel responsible for what happened to them, that it was their fault. Healer helps release guilt and shame, so you can love and forgive yourself.

Angelica brings angelic love into the mind and heart. It acts as a wise and loving guide towards forgiveness.

Campanula latifolia has a loving, healing energy. It helps us be gentle with ourselves, strong and calm in the midst of swirling painful memories.

Comfrey's abilities as "master healer" includes helping us forgive ourselves and others, releasing emotional blocks and areas of memory and pain held within. Comfrey can help heal unconscious beliefs from the distant past.

Crested Iris opens us to the divine healing love of the archetypal parents. In their safe embrace, we more easily let go, love and forgive ourselves and our human parents.

Forget-Me-Not can heal those carrying pain from the past connected to people who have died. It helps connect to those "on the other side," where forgiveness flows, helping us experience forgiveness with those who have passed over.

Honeysuckle--White helps those holding to an idealized past to let go and open themselves to the truth about both past and present.

Horseradish catalyzes cutting ties to the past, and getting on with life. Especially helpful for those who blame others for their problems and pain. Helps victims forgive themselves and move on. For people whose worst monster is within.

Hyssop aids self-forgiveness in those burdened with guilt, responsibility, and regret for past actions or events.

Lobelia helps those critical of self and others to ease up, let go of a sharp mentality, and embrace something larger, more loving, less intellectual.

Lovage helps us forgive and love our bodies. It encourages an open, loving feeling in and about the body. For those who blame their body, feel betrayed by their body.

Money Plant--White heals and releases deep, wounding unworthiness. By opening the heart to the soul's true worth, forgiveness of self and others can flow, and love can heal.

Peony--Red and Gold brightens and strengthens self and spirit, increasing a generous sense within. With so much love and strength to give, why hold on to past pain?

Peony--Single White brings a clear, pure, loving energy to release shameful memories and feelings, restoring the purity and integrity of the body, heart and mind.

Purple Cone Flower embraces us in wholeness, strength and safety. Especially helpful for integrating the powerful transformative experience of divine forgiveness into a conscious sense of self.

Queen of the Meadow makes us feel we're in the loving lap of the Great Mother, being restored to wholeness, loved in every part of our being, and healed from the past. As a child of the divine, we are forgiven, loved, and wisely guided toward forgiving others. We are one with Earth, our bodies, our hearts, and all beings. Forgiveness and love radiate from this experience of divine connection.

Roses are potent essences for opening the being to the soul, divine love and forgiveness. Their profound spiritual vibration heals on many levels. They are especially important to use during the healing process of letting go. At this time, when so much is being released, it is vital to connect with soul energies to fill the space left within. Rose essences do this best.

Rose Campion opens the heart, so pain is released and cleansing love and forgiveness flow through. Brings faith in divine process.

Self Heal brings awareness that we are each responsible for our own healing. It helps and guides us in taking on that responsibility. Forgiveness is a necessary step we choose for ourselves.

Shasta Daisy can help those accustomed to a limited view to see a larger perspective and understand new ways of evaluating events, memories and emotions. Helps perceive emotional links between past and present. Brings clarity of understanding.

Tree Peony brings unconditional love and forgiveness, very helpful for releasing old or blocked emotions. It shows us we have always been loved and forgiven by the divine--not just in higher realms, but by the divine within each person.

Waterlily helps those anxious about change and facing pain or monsters. It gently supports opening to love, forgiveness, and new ways of being, to changing ways of thinking about the self, the present and the past.

White Bleeding Heart is wonderfully healing for those suffering from lack of love, opening heart and soul to unlimited divine love. With so much love, it is easier to join the flow, let go and love even those one has blamed for not loving.

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