Planet Earth and all life on it lives and breathes in a matrix of energy and matter, constantly exchanging information. From subatomic particles in Earth's core, to ocean bacteria, water molecules in the atmosphere, proteins throughout the soil and food chain including humans and our DNA, we are all connected.


The flame-shaped leaves of irises show the influence of the fire element, relating to the upper chakras, spirit, and creativity. Iris flower essences inspire participation in our souls' creative process, which is life itself. Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Beyond us and our planet, our solar system dances through cycles of time. The planets orbit and rotate, forming angles and creating resonance with each other through the fabric of space-time: the music of the spheres. We've named these distant bodies after our own ancient deities, now recognized as archetypes of the human psyche. Archetypes are intimately connected with our psychological and biological processes, as is the dance of the solar system.

Lacy foliage like these ferns shows an affinity with the air element. This often indicates an essence that acts on the mental or etheric level. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

We see this most clearly in the diurnal and seasonal rhthyms of plants, animals, and humans as the water within our cells responds to the angles of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Every plant expresses a mix of the elements earth, water, air and fire in its structure and habits. Some flower essences are notable in their action upon a particular element, such as Cup Plant with water, Impatiens with fire, Dropwort on earth.

The water element shows in plants with leaves that hold rain and dew for hours. Water relates to the feeling life and the unconscious, the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Your horoscope is a symbolic map of your energetic and spiritual being through time. It shows your elemental and constitutional affinities. It indicates where and what kinds of challenges are frequent and important, and how you can meet them successfully. When I create a flower essence combination for you, I draw on the archetypal information revealed in your birth chart to elucidate what is occurring in your life process.

The earth element is expressed in the Trailing Arbutus, which hugs the ground. The evergreen leaves are tough and leathery, withstanding New England's extremes of climate. Earth corresponds with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Each flower essence in your combination has an important healing role. Some balance elemental energies, as expressed through your personality, chakras, and subtle bodies. Some support you through challenging life situations, often shown in transits, where the planets are now in the sky, that trigger old issues or new processes as revealed in your birth chart. Some help you deal with the sheer intensity of life during transits of the outer planets to your Sun, Moon, Ascendent, or major aspect configurations in your natal chart.


Take Angel's Trumpet essence to ease major spiritual transitions, such as planetary transits involving Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron. It heralds new states of consciousness.

Transits mean change, sometimes gentle and gradual, but often through increasing stress. It is no coincidence that Pluto transits accompany losses or disappearances: of a job, relationship, home, health, money, or a loved one. Neptune transits cast a veil of uncertainty over areas of life that were clear, even while inspiring new awareness. Uranus or Saturn transits can bring radical changes, and feelings of frustration, restlessness, restriction.

The Bottle or Closed Gentian shows its resonance with Saturn through its deep color and flower that never opens. The essence helps Saturn's misdirected strong will open up after deep discouragement has closed it.

Astrology can place these events in a meaningful context. Flower essences help ease the stress and pain of changes, and bring insight and healing. Every planet has gifts of growth, insight, skill, inner power to offer to those who are receptive. A transit reading and custom flower essence combination work together to heighten awareness of who you are, what you are doing with your life, where you are headed.


Venus Flytrap essence heals the negative expression of the planet Venus: sexual or emotional entrapment that originates in not trusting the loving intention between two people. This simple flower essence helps restore the purity of innocence and trust.

In addition to the traditional planets, I work with Chiron, Dark Moon Lilith, major and some minor asteroids, planet Eris and the newly discovered bodies in the outer reaches of our solar system. Each time a new planet is discovered, there is an associated expansion of human consciousness. The many new bodies coming to light through astronomy parallel the quantum leap in human evolution we are poised to take.

Traditionally associated with Mars in Scorpio, Basil flower essences balance sexuality. This deep purple Anise Basil cleanses sexual energies and promotes sacred sex.

Chiron and the Centaurs are especially important in healing and spiritual growth. Through its position in the horoscope, Chiron shows where we are most deeply wounded, and thus, through healing, can offer the most to others. The Centaurs orbit between Saturn and Neptune, and take their names from Greek myth. Farther out are the Trans-Neptunian and Kuiper Belt Objects. Eris, the "new planet" orbits here. Eris shows us where we most need to eliminate negativity, where our ego attachments are self-destructive.

Karma & Saturn

By studying Saturn in the birth chart, I can shed light on current issues brought from past lives. We can examine lessons in this life necessary for the soul's evolution. Saturn's aspects to the ascendent reveal issues of birth and embodiment. Karma in personal relationships is shown through aspects to the descendent, planets and placements in houses. And so with other areas of life, Saturn reveals its positive qualities of stability, perseverance, hard work; or its challenges and blocks to happiness, health and success.

Human Design

As a child, I became aware of the innate intelligence and consciousness in nature. When I began esoteric studies at age 13, I sensed the energies of planets, zodiac signs and the other elements of astrology. Through meditation and study I began to understand the connections between subtle energies and psychology. In the decades since, I've learned to combine many separate skills and perceptions. This long learning in the company of natural and cosmic forces has come together in my current work with astrology and flower essence therapy. I have now incorporated Human Design into my work with flower essences, as well.

Human Design synthesizes several energetic and metaphysical systems, including at least astrology, the I Ching, chakras, the Tree of Life, the meridians and the four densest subtle bodies. By noting the status of the centers of the Human Design bodygraph, I formulate a flower essence blend individualized to support your design, type and authority. Flower essences have healing, deconditioning, filtering, and supportive effects on the centers. Pink Yarrow prevents absorption of others' emotions in an undefined solar plexus emotional center. Cassata Daffodil unblocks the flow of energy through root to sacral centers. Cosmos strengthens and clarifies the throat center.

Inner authority is strengthened, supported, clarified with flower essences. Double Lilac and Waterlily for Generators with sacral authority helps tune into the sacral response. Bloodroot for Projectors with splenic authority, so often misunderstood! Sunflowers help Self and Will center authorities, to give brief examples.

Astrology and Human Design are vast subjects and I have only brushed the surface of them here. These invisible energetic functions yield rich rewards to those who make friends with their own charts, because the energies in the horoscope and Human Design charts are the energies that permeate all life on Earth. This is why flower essences can be so helpful: they are the very same energies we are made of.

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