"Come to me!" Life calls to the Soul. Blue Rose flower essence inspires the Soul to be involved with the rich, sweet fascination of life.

Each child is unique. Children learn and grow in their own ways, in their own time. They readily absorb thoughts, feelings, and unconscious impressions from the people around them. My approach, combining flower essences, astrology, and Human Design, honors the journey of each child and each family. Ideally, the delicate weaving we call relationship, love, home, kin supports the blossoming of a child's soul. For the difficult times, whether they are the last hour before sleep, or the challenges of a breaking home or serious illness, my approach with flower essences and astrology can mean the difference between suffering and acceptance, frustration and flow.

Flower essences can help families continue to nurture each other during periods of stress or change. When a child gets stuck, flower essences can help make a positive shift. When rough times surface with siblings or peers, at school, or with health, flower essences help smooth the bumps. Flower essences engage the whole self--mind, body, feelings, energy, and spirit--in moving towards wholeness and connection. They balance, align, harmonize. Whatever happens in family life, flower essences can help.


Houseleek flower essence strengthens, balances, and purifies the sacral chakra, associated with the uterus and other reproductive organs.

Becoming a parent is truly a life-changing event, opening us to awareness of new dimensions of life and ourselves. Flower essences help integrate these enormous new feelings and experiences so we can make the most of our time together in life.

When starting a family doesn't come easily, whether dealing with infertility, miscarriage, adoption, or another issue, flower essences balance, heal, bring insight and awareness, and help us open to possibility. Astrology and Human Design give perspective, illuminating the forces at work and their meaning. Effective strategies are key for smooth interactions between parent and child.

During pregnancy, flower essences help with balance and inner peace through these big physical and emotional changes. They can help relieve fears, doubts, fatigue, and mood swings. They encourage positive attitudes and behaviors. Flower essences can open us to connecting in new and wonderful ways with partners, parents, unborn children, our own bodies, and the blessing of bringing new life into the world.

The essence of this Hollyhock restores faith in oneself, confidence that you can do it, that your instincts will come through for you.

Fathers benefit, too. The energies of the flowers help dads be aware of how their positive masculine forces connect with and support mother and baby. They can help fathers heal and make positive connections with their own family and personal histories. Many men describe holding their newborn daughter or son as the supreme moment of their lives.


A beautifully protective flower essence, Lady's Mantle brings in the archetype of the Mother for women in labor. It promotes bonding with every member of the family, and comforts children of any age during separations.

Every mother and baby create their own unique experience of this momentous event. I can create a personalized relief combination for both moms and partners. If a cesarean is planned, see my article on Flower Essences to Support Surgery. If you are single or separated from your partner, you can use the extra support flower essences offer more than ever.

From the moment of birth, nothing will ever be the same! Birth is the beginning of taking care of an utterly helpless and needy new person. It is also the beginning of an amazing relationship of love unlike any other. Flower essences can ease sleep interruption, recovery, altered routines, body changes, and all the other stresses and demands on new parents. Help your body, mind, and spirit adjust to these huge changes as smoothly as possible.


Buddha Orchid flower essence evokes the idyllic state of floating protected within the womb. A restorative flower essence after shock during pregnancy or infancy.

No one responds faster to flower essences than infants, who are so open, so sensitive. What a wonderful support flower essences are at this time of constant and rapid growth. If pregnancy, labor or birth were stressful, flower essences can smooth out the shocks and reactions before they become ingrained in the infant's developing nervous system and embryonic sense of self.

Whenever there is nothing you can do but hope and pray, Angelica flower essence connects us with divine angelic benevolence and protection. True prayers of the heart are powerful; they are heard and answered.

For premature birth, surgery or emergency medical procedures, flower essences can make a huge difference. When you can't be there with your baby, flower essences help energetically protect the vital forces, and keep your souls bonded. When they can't be administered orally, apply flower essences to palms and soles, belly and head. Flower essences also assist family members to be calm and positive. Stress and fear help no one, can interfere with healing, and contribute to illness.

Bonding & Breastfeeding

Bonding is about love, about heart-to-heart connections. The heart's electromagnetic field entrains every other organ, gland, and system in our bodies. Emotions change us biochemically. Rose flower essences open our hearts, connect to our deepest soul feelings.

The hours after birth are such an important time. The smell and feel of each one of you is being imprinted on the others, stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters that activate brain and body systems. Being together is truly what life is about. The weeks after birth deepen the bond. We humans are designed to spend this time close and connected, a loving family in contact, skin to skin.

Breastmilk is the best food yet breastfeeding isn't always easy. LaLeche League can help with adoptive breastfeeding and positioning issues. For more personal challenges, such as problems with other family members, and emotional issues like frustration, postpartum depression, insecurity, fears, embarassment, flower essences are a tremendous help. Ease with breastfeeding is often linked to comfort and safety with our own bodies, the role models and beliefs we have of mothering, and how supportive those around us are.

When the ideal we dreamed of isn't what's happening, flower essences can us help connect. They help with adoption, separations, fussiness, breastfeeding, and siblings. New parents may have very different perceptions of a baby's needs. Flower essences align all members of a houshold so you're, so you're communicating, coordinated, true partners.


Babies who cry as soon as they wake, children who are clingy and shy, may find life scary, overwhelming. Lay fears to rest with Mimulus flower essence.

Children need to feel loved and safe. Fears of dark, animals, new things and places, injections, noises, pictures or stories can originate in a sort of psychic indigestion. Children often have experiences that are beyond their capacity to assimilate. These can be as seemingly minor as hearing or seeing something on tv, or as major as a car accident or hospitalization. The experience is too big, too hard for the child's immature systems to "digest" or understand in context with the conscious mind and emotions, as adults do. The words, sights, or feelings remain, like undigested food in the stomach, as uncomfortable chunks in the energetic field. Flower essences clear the child's unconscious. They help children integrate on their own level by connecting and aligning the child's subtle being. By engaging the higher self, flower essences guide and assist the child to move forward in a positive, healthy way.


During sleep, our subtle energy fields expand and reconnect with our soul and spiritual life. The radiant St. John's Wort flower essence protects us in this diffuse state.

When children have frequent bad dreams, it may be a sign that something important is struggling for attention or resolution. Flower essences are excellent aids for awareness, not a quick fix. It's important for you to listen to your child, and trust your own intuition. Talk about what is frightening, and take steps so he or she will feel safer.

Some children have frightening dreams for subtle energetic reasons. Perhaps they are very sensitive or psychic, have many open centers in their Human Design, and are absorbing negative or upsetting energies during sleep. There may be family secrets or history that is disturbing them on an unconscious level. Through the horoscope and attunement process I use to choose flower essences, I can help you understand what is going on, and taking flower essences will help adjust your child's energetic state to be in balance with his or her capacities. Sometimes what is most helpful is for other family members to take flower essences. Often a single combination will help the entire household. Often a sensitive child needs a protective flower essence such as my Star Shield combination.

Developmental, Behavioral, and Learning Issues

White Shooting Star flower essence helps the traumatized or reluctant soul feel safe to incarnate fully.

Different aspects of a child develop at different rates. When an important part lags behind, it can look like something is wrong or missing. There are various reasons why this may happen, including stress, illness, accident or separation that is experienced as traumatic by a very young child. Such events can "freeze" a body area, personality aspect, or subtle energy system, preventing integration of soul, mind and body. This can contribute to delays, autism, and other major challenges.

If subtle aspects of the child are out of alignment, the disharmony can be quite disruptive. A child's struggle to literally hold the self together energetically can appear to adults as ADHD, learning issues, acting out, aggression, willfulness, destructiveness, and other disturbing behaviors.

Deeply calming, restful, soothing... White Bellflower flower essence.

Also consider environmental sensitivities that may be draining vitality or disruptive to the child's etheric shield. Astrology and Human Design can reveal susceptibilities to certain types of environmental influences. Steps to avoid exposure to problematic foods, chemicals, or other environmental factors can help children heal. Flower essences repair, cleanse, balance and align the subtle energetic field, along with the mind, spirit, acupuncture meridians, and other aspects of whole being. They can heal causative factors such as trauma or shock that are held in the energetic field.


Buttercup is a gentle flower essence especially helpful to children (and inner children). No matter what is happening, Buttercup flower essence helps us feel that we are special and good enough just for being who we are.

Heading off to daycare or school can bring up anxieties for shy, highstrung, stressed or sensitive children. After an active day out, many children need to let off steam or retreat in some way. After-school schedules can add to the load of different places and people.

Flower essences can help children maintain a strong, healthy sense of who they are no matter where they are and who they're with. I can make you a combination to ease transitions, calm hyper energies, relax contracted emotional tensions, or whatever your family needs. I combine flower essences based not just on the situation, but on the people involved, and the emotional, spiritual, and planetary forces at work.


Borage flower essence is for courage. The light within each of us cannot be destroyed. Borage connects us to knowing this; we can face anything.

Bullying is sadly common, and affects both boys and girls. It can take many forms, not always involving physical violence. All are hurtful, disrespectful, and potentially damaging to a child's identity and self-esteem.

Whether a child is perpetrator, victim, or witness, flower essences are powerful aids. Each child's and family's solution is individual, as each child's response to the assault on the self is very personal.

Teen Years

Sigil Japanese Iris flower essence focuses on who you are as central, unique potency in your own life. It evokes the primal power of identity.

Children mature. They become independent in many ways, and maintain dependence in others. To establish themselves as unique selves, they need something to push against. Whatever inconsistencies, rigidities, or weaknesses there are in your family, the questing teen is likely to call attention to them. When teens feel secure in your trust and their bond with you, they can pursue their quest safely. When they don't feel safe, don't trust you or other important adults, they are more likely to hurt themselves and others.

The best course with a family with a teen with a problem, is for the whole family to take flower essences. The balancing, release, subtle communication, healing, and energy shifts that take place when everyone involved is using flower essences can ease the situation before it escalates further. None of us is here on Earth solely to please another. We are each free to choose our own path. Parents can have a tough time letting go of the baby they brought into the world, nurtured through childhood, and have so many hopes for. When a teen turns against our expectations, beliefs, or rules, it's time to examine ourselves, as well as question the teen. We need to step back, but not out. We must still guide, advise and support in many ways, while allowing the space to choose and even to make mistakes. That's how we grew, with or without our parents' approval. The most important thing is to stay connected, to be there in the ways your teen needs.


Black-eyed Susan flower essence helps us see what has been too painful or frightening to look at. It brings insight and helps integrate the past into the present.

Every family member isn't always willing to step out of a familiar stance. There are many reasons why we refuse to see clearly. We might deny something about ourselves, a loved one, a belief, or a situation. One person's denial can tether an entire family to the selfish need not to see. By admitting we aren't always right and don't have all the answers, we free ourselves and those we love to find new ways to live and be. Flower essences help us open to the truth about ourselves and our families. They guide us through the choppy seas of change. Most of all, they help us align with our hearts and higher selves, with compassion and love.

Negative Reactions

Rose flower essences connect through our hearts to our divine core. When we feel this connection in ourselves, we recognize the divinity in others. We can step back from the material world and trust in spiritual purpose.

It's not unusual for one family member to feel like the odd one out, to compromise their true nature significantly, or otherwise become imbalanced in order to unconsciously keep the family status quo. In situations like this, there can be a seemingly negative response to flower essences. The buried self asserts itself, possibly for the first time. Other members of the family may be surprised, hurt, dismayed, jealous, or delighted. Everyone must adjust. Everyone can grow from such opportunities, or reject growth and retreat into a secure shell. Flower essences help us turn towards the light, towards growth, towards becoming whole and happy.

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