"When I first took out the two bottles, they felt really good in my hands. I have used Bach flower essences in the past and these flower essence blends felt even more "right" than that-- I can tell they were tailored just for me. I took my first dose... last night and this morning I feel really sunny and great... Then my boys woke up a little grumpy so I gave each of them a little drop, too, and they cheered right up, like, immediately. I know it wasn't tailored for them but they are in such a good mood now, they are laughing and giggling together on the couch, even though they just asked for raisins and I had to tell them we don't have any. Usually they would complain and be a little grumpy/whiny about that. But they're just laughing and playing together. :D Thank you so much!"

Expecting Mom

Welcome! Flower essences are liquid love, light and healing, the divine archetypal forces of the elements, the Earth, Spirit and the Soul — all in convenient bottles.


My Unique Service

The lovely blossoms of the Purple Bellflower make a soothing, uplifting flower essence. Floating flowers on water in sunlight imprints healing energies into the water. Flower essences feel gentle and loving. Each brings a unique vibration to a combination. Nectarine is graceful, refined, devoted.

In our western pill-oriented culture, we too often hope for a quick fix for our feelings and problems. Drink coffee to stay alert, wine or beer to relax. Swallow a pill for depression, a night out, a cold. Flower essences can be used this way--Dr. Edward Bach's famous Rescue Remedy really has saved lives. Peppermint flower essence help students stay alert and remember information. Blackberry motivates, Chamomile relaxes. All totally safe, natural alternatives to synthetic medications.

Beyond, there is a wonderful, vast realm of possibility, for what flower essences truly do is engage us with our own self and soul. They support, heal, and guide us in our own unique, beautiful process of becoming.

Irises connect us with our souls, inspiring us to create a fulfilling life. They remind us why we are here.

You deserve happiness and fulfillment. I can help you find it. Your horoscope sheds light on how your soul designed your life challenges. Flower essences help you move out of your personal shadows and into the sun. Move your mouse over the photos to learn how flowers, each one a gift from nature, help in all kinds of ways.


Contact me to find out how flower essences and soul astrology can help you with stress, anxiety, depression, or support your recovery from surgery, abuse, trauma, addiction and other serious issues. Flower essences can help you with pregnancy or adoption, and every family situation that comes after. They've helped people find careers, write books, and get along with co-workers and relatives. They've calmed the anxious, boosted courage in the timid, blessed the confused with clarity and hope. There truly is a flower essence for everything!

Turn Information into Transformation

Yarrow essences tone and clear our subtle energy fields, protecting us from absorbing negativity from people, places, and events. Pink Yarrow is especially helpful for those working in intensely emotional environments like hospitals and war zones.

In the 30 years since I first encountered them, I've found flower essences to be potent catalysts for learning, change, growth and healing. Often we have an insight, hear something meaningful, then wonder how to put it to work in our lives.

I combine flower essence therapy with astrological wisdom to help you solve problems, heal, and find happiness. Here at AstroEssence.com you can learn about flower essences: how they connect with your mind, body, feelings and soul, as well as chakras, subtle bodies, acupuncture meridians, the planets and other cosmic forces of astrology.

What are Flower Essences?

Plants have been used for healing by every culture on Earth. Medicinal plants are still the mainstay of health care throughout the world as most people still depend on traditional medicine. In developed nations, thousands of plants have been analyzed and yielded compounds that are then synthesized into drugs. We say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. If we say that the chemically active components of plants are equivalent to its body, the flowers would express the soul of the plant. Plant extracts heal the human body; flower essences heal the human soul.

Flower essences begin to heal where modern medicine and psychology falter: where feelings and mind meet soul, where body meets energy and quantum physics. No belief is required for flower essences to do their work. Whether on adults, infants or animals, they calm and soothe the mind, uplift the spirit, open the heart, release pain and ease suffering. They balance and heal gently and surely by acting on the subtle energy fields that surround and interpenetrate all life.

Feeling connected is vital for health and happiness. Phlox essences help us sense the support of our spiritual community of angels, guides, and helpers, in whatever form they take...

Flower essences are not essential oils. They have no fragrance.

Most flower essences are made by floating freshly picked blossoms on pure water in a clear glass bowl. The bowl is set in the sun where the healing energy pattern of the flower is imprinted onto the water and fixed there by heat and sunlight. The water is then preserved with spirits. Water has an exceptional ability to carry information encoded in ways science does not yet understand. This capacity of water to remember is the basis for homeopathic remedies, gem essences, and holy water, in addition to flower essences. Cellular and ancestral memories carried in our bodies are also stored in water.

How Flower Essences Work

Peony essences support the flow of love and acceptance between soul and self. Varying flower structures address different relations and conditions of self and soul.

The developer of flower essences in their modern form, Dr. Edward Bach, M.D., saw the root of all ills as disharmony between a person's inner and outer being, the result of conflict between the soul and the mind or personality. Bach experienced all creation as divine, including the flowers placed on Earth for healing. He believed that by encouraging the spiritual virtues expressed by his flower remedies, the soul/self conflict in a patient was eased, and harmony and health restored.

Many useful, familiar, and beloved flowers make valuable flower remedies. Gardenia heals feelings and memories of being roughly treated, so we can open up to love.

More recent research has focused on mechanisms for moving flower essences through the body and energy field. Their electromagnetic resonance influences the nervous system, acupuncture meridians and etheric body. They produce measurable changes in mood, state of mind, and the auric field. Research in psychoneuroimmunology shows that emotions and thoughts can have profound effects on physical health.

In shamanic traditions, each plant has its own spiritual intelligence, its deva or spirit. When a flower essence is made by someone who has established a relationship with the deva, the deva is connected to the flower essence. By using the essence, this spiritual intelligence is invoked and performs its healing.

The deva or intelligence of each plant is present in a properly prepared flower essence. Assisted by the devas, my attunement process combines the essences best suited to your needs and energetic personality. The Crocus deva is quite cheerful.

Another model I find useful is that the vibrational pattern of a flower essence provides a template for a person's energy field. Just as plants turn towards light as they grow, people turn towards health, harmony, love and ease. It takes energy and effort to hold emotional or mental blocks and other dysfunctional patterns. We naturally shift towards pleasure and ease by harmonizing with the energetic model provided by the flower essence.

As this process proceeds, blocks are released from chakras and subtle bodies. Imbalances shift from stuck or polarized positions. Energy and awareness flow into areas that were numb or cut off. We feel better, more alive. The flower essence has catalyzed healing and growth.

The essence made from the intense magenta blossoms of the Rose Campion opens and cleanses the heart of deep pain, freeing us for happiness and love.

More and more people are looking for safe, inexpensive, effective ways to improve their lives and solve their problems. Rather than a replacement for a physician's diagnosis and treatment, flower essences are an excellent support, and a safe, practical alternative therapy for most problems. Flower essence therapy is affordable and completely safe.

AstroEssence Flower Essence Therapy arose from decades of work with astrology, psychology, healing, plants and nature. I developed my attunement technique to take the guesswork out of flower essence prescribing, to give my clients maximum effect for minimum time and cost.

The velvety softness of Motherwort blossoms mirrors the softening effect the essence has on rigidity and defensiveness.

My formal training includes intensive graduate work in humanistic psychology and counseling, study with flower essence practitioners, and work with a variety of other modalities. My clients' results are displayed in the spontaneous testimonials on this site. Customized Astroessence flower essences address the issues current in your life and ease you into the possibilities and changes they will bring.

This process is entirely different than computer-generated flower and gem essence reports you may see elsewhere. My attunement and relationship with the flower devas results in a potent and deep-acting combination that a piecemeal approach cannot attain. As both an astrologer and flower essence practitioner, I work directly with the healing energies of nature and the cosmos in a way that goes far beyond knowledge.

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