Personal Growth

Fuschia flower essence helps us encounter our deepest feelings, becoming more genuine and authentic in our emotional lives.

Flower essences catalyze healing and change. They bring in soul forces that inspire, heal and guide us. They align and balance the chakras and subtle bodies, giving us greater physical, mental and emotional stability. We feel more centered, grounded, calm, alert, empowered and connected.

Happiness is being in the moment and enjoying it. When old stuff drags you out of the now, how can you be happy? Flower essences sort out the tangled web of the past, releasing shame, guilt, trauma, grief, anger, greed, fear. This liberates energy for joy, love, creativity, confidence, and the joy of being here now. Because life really can feel like an amazing gift.

Spiritual Practice

Clear mind, joyful mind, is the message from the deva of the Asiatic Dayflower. This is one of many excellent flower essences enhancing awareness and clarity.

Spiritual growth is readily enhanced by flower essences. Our relationships with ourselves, spirit and others becomes more harmonious, joyous, and fulfilling. Practices such as yoga, martial arts and meditation deepen. Clarity and insight arrive as naturally as the sun rises. Focus is easier as we slow down, quiet the mental chatter, lighten the load of the past, the ego, the "shoulds." Each breath is beautiful.

Japanese Iris flower essences have an affinity for the fundamental principles of the path to spiritual freedom. Iris Kali Ma reminds us of the illusion of self and the emptiness of form.

Every flower is a teacher; my attunement to your horoscope and particular situation can bring you the next step in your becoming, gently, lovingly. Mind and body are one, connected to earth, fire, water, air and spirit. Flower essences balance mind and body, inner and outer perceptions. They encourage awareness and openness to our souls and hearts, the Earth, spirit and wisdom. They increase discernment towards the world by nourishing our radiant inner core.

Popular Culture

White California Poppy shifts the attraction of the world's glamour inward to the life of the soul.

Shop, eat out, upload, download, keep up, cash in--so much to consume! If materialism and information glut get you down, take a break with flower essences. Bloodroot for experiencing your own spiritual purity, Wild Ginger for contentment with what you have, Lenten Rose to feel the deep, slow stillness of the eternal OM.


Calendula is a classic flower essence for balancing sharp speech with heart warmth. This "Porcupine" variety has the added benefit of increasing our awareness of speaking lovingly to ourselves.

Positive relationships are vital to health and happiness. Clear communications are key to healthy relating. Saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and listening respectfully are honored values. Collective well-being is nourished and facilitated by healthy communications.

Some people seem to be born communicators. Words bubble effortlessly forth, full of insight, information, feelings or thoughts. Others struggle to put experience into words, or to speak at all. Flower essences can undo blocks, support expression, and help coordinate mind and body. They assist with opening and balancing speech, thought, and expression of every kind.

Social Ease

Feel confident in being yourself even when you're in a crowd with Goldenrod.

We say life is a rat race, a dog-eat-dog world. Aspects of our society are compared to the food chain. For those of us who are very sensitive, its no wonder we feel unsafe or uncomfortable at times in groups and around strangers. Yet humans are social creatures, and most of us can't and don't want to isolate ourselves.

Flower essences can help to find a balance between comfort and contact. By enhancing awareness of what we feel and insight into why, they guide us towards fulfilling and safe social connections. They help us trust ourselves to know who is worthy of our trust.


Dill helps to take in and integrate floods of new information. It helps coordinate learning as well as other nervous system functions.

Teacher or student, we are always learning. Involvement in your education can be a joyous gift, so if it feels like a tedious chore, check out some flower essences. There's Peppermint for alertness and memory, Cosmos for putting ideas into words, Bush Fuschia for brain issues, and many more. There are also flower essences for overcoming procrastination, finding your subject, cleaning your desk, stimulating the imagination...whatever you need!

Life Path

Only you can discover why you are here and what will fulfill you. Awakening to conscious realization and commitment to your life work may be a given, or a long struggle. Dramatic or subtle, there can be years of frustration and search for "the right thing" to find that it's been there all along. Ultimately the path is an inner attitude, a letting go of pushing, an opening to trust.

Japanese Iris Bodhisattva Vow helps us let go of inessentials to experience selfless purity of intent.

Sooner or later, we must choose to let go of the known and secure to discover a deeper meaning and richness to life. Flower essences and astrology are invaluable aids along the journey. The cosmic map of the birth chart contains indicators of life purpose and lessons, talents and directions. Flower essences can screen outer interference so the heart and intuition can be clearly heard.


We each deserve to have our needs addressed, our voices heard, our experiences validated. Empowerment is feeling we have rights, and the power of choice to exercise the right to speak up, take action. We may need empowerment as women or as men. We may need to speak out about our feelings, our experiences around sexuality, health, education, relationships or other aspects of our lives. We may be single, married, disabled, poor, rich, old, young, a racial, sexual or religious minority.

We are all traveling life's path. Everyone who speaks out doesn't get their needs met. But empowerment is not just about getting results, which may not depend on the actions of a single individual. Rather, true empowerment is an inner sense. It draws on the primal energy of the Earth, the spiritual powers of truth and justice, and the wisdom of heart and spirit. Even if you don't reach the exact goals you set out to achieve, empowerment will change everything about your experience of life.


Lovage helps regain the relaxed and playful feeling of a child, comfortably at home in our bodies.

Unbend a little! Laugh a lot! Flower essences like Zinnia and Sweet Pea encourage letting go to have some fun. Laughing feels good and is good for us. Play is creative. It takes risks, It can connect us to other people, animals, our inner child. It's invigorating, helps us grow, and keeps us young.

Connecting to Nature

Striped Maple has a lovely green pulsing energy, like the rippling river of nature's spring song.

A wellspring of primal energy lies within each of us. Flower essences help us to connect with it. We can heal and love and create with it. Connecting with the Earth, we feel the power of our wholeness and oneness with all life. Most of us occasionally need to soak up nature's quiet, recharging before a return to a busy human life.

Energetically, we are both Earth and spirit. These energies meet in our bodies and mingle. When these energies work together harmoniously we feel balanced and centered, rooted to both Earth and heaven. The two energies balance and help us deal with our lives by "grounding" tension and stress. Just as electrical systems have a ground wire, so we can release excess or inharmonious energies into Earth or spirit.

Many flower essences activate release or grounding. Others, especially green flowers, link us with Earth's energy through our heart chakras. Flower essences, like nature itself, open our awareness to all that is outside of our ordinary consciousness.


Rose essences bring heart warmth and soul dimensions to relationships and sexuality. Try Clary Sage with a rose flower essence for special intimacy.

The soul's creative spirit sings through the mind and the body. When mind is focused in the present, aware of both body and soul, the subtle bodies and chakras align and harmonize. When the soul sings through sexuality, the body is exalted, the heart opens, the chakras and subtle bodies expand. Sexuality is a powerful healing energy, as divine energies move into every cell, uniting spiritual and physical, bathing the entire being in love and light. The sacred lotus that roots in the sacral chakra sends its shoots up the center of the body, activating each chakra until it blossoms in a shower of light at the crown.

Like other aspects of modern life, sexuality is often imbalanced. Too much, too little, too many expectations or frustrations, temptations or distractions. Astrology can shed light on chronically unfulfilling circumstances. Whatever your style and goals, flower essences can help you balance your instincts and longings with your whole being and enjoy happily and responsibly.


Too long at desk or computer can cool the body and dry the mind. Restore the flow of vital juices with Nasturtium essence. Get up and dance!

Do you love what you spend the most time doing? If you do, are you doing it too much, skimping on your family, friends, hobbies, playtime, spirituality? Flower essences can help balance every aspect of life, preventing burnout, health problems, and unhappy personal surprises.

If you don't love what you do, do you know why you're still doing it? Flower essences and astrology can help you understand what you want and need out of your work, and help you get it.

Artists and others engaged in creative endeavors can use flower essences to reliably tap into ideas and imagination, shake off internal critics, and feel confident and clear. Blocks respond well to flower essence therapy. Astrology can point out meaningful processes at work and timing for change.

Sleep and Dreams

Use Dreamcatcher Orchid essence to take a dream journey to the spirit realm for healing answers and solutions.

A good sleep is one of life's great joys, restorative to body, mind, and soul. If sleep doesn't come easily for you, I can help. Personalized flower essence combinations can harmonize subtle systems, release tension, unblock old stresses so you and your subconscious can cooperate.

One of the first things many people notice about taking flower essences is the increased vividness of dreams. We spend about a third of our lives asleep, and a good part of that time dreaming. The yang of day's consciousness gives way to the yin of night consciousness, when the soul and spirit reveal mysterious truths through our unconscious minds.

Caring for Others

What an amazing flower essence this is! Red Hollyhock puts you back in touch with the faith that things work out, doors will open, there is hope! Plus, it bestows the energy you need to keep moving forward.

Many of us take care of others: Our children, partners, parents, friends, neighbors, animals. Sharing is essential to community, and we hope that we will be cared for when we need it. When someone is dependent on you and you have no one to turn to, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, cut off, alone. There are some wonderful flower essences that help us regenerate the inner care and generosity that makes loving energy flow, so we feel part of life and spirit, feel appreciated, important and useful.


Menopause, or viropause for men, is when the wisdom self, that has been developing subtly for a long time, comes into physical manifestation. Just as a gardener prepares the soil for planting, menopause is the time when our physical beings prepare for the coming of the wisdom self.

We are spiritual beings in physical forms. Lily flower essences help reconcile these polarities as we are challenged by our changing bodies to deal with aspects of ourselves we've kept separate or out of sight.

Our hormones work to find a new balance as part of this deeper shift in focus from emotional-physical creativity to spiritual- mental creativity. Weeding is necessary to make room for the new plant.

The hormonal surges many women experience are energetic expressions of our shifting towards this new phase of life. It is a time for asking ourselves deep questions about our goals and identity: Are we who we wanted, imagined, hoped we would be? What more do we wish? Relationships often shift during this phase of life, with children grown, retirement nearing, parents ageing or passing away.

Flower essences and astrology can be an important support during these sometimes radical changes, balancing energies, opening awareness to possibility, connecting us with our inner sources of guidance, strength, and wisdom.

Graceful Aging

During mid-life crisis and whenever ageing seems fearful, negative, take Chrysanthemum essence to enjoy the timeless peace of accepting change as part of the fullness of life's completeness.

As we grow older we become more aware of the span of human life. What came before becomes important in different ways as we examine who we are, where we've been, and where we're going from a changing perspective. Flower essences and soul astrology are valuable for sorting out what is truly important.

We may have questions about our lives, about our values and choices. We may have assumptions or expectations about what it means to age, to grow old, to die. I believe every stage of life is worthy of joy, love, and meaning. For people who have always found purpose and validity outside themselves, retirement or health problems can spark crisis.

Purple Loosestrife helps us let go of worry and stress, especially about decisions and timing. We can flow with time, life, and opportunities.

Flower essences connect us to the richness in our lives regardless of our circumstances. They open us to dimensions of inner and spiritual meaning.

For those nearing the end of life, flower essences bring peace and trust that there is a meaningful continuation beyond the body's life. Fears of death or judgement, reluctance to let go, holding onto those who have needed us can cause suffering at a time when embracing completion is so important, and a tremendous opening to spirit is occurring.

Flower essences help both those who are leaving, and those who are left behind let go of what needs to be released, say what needs to be said to allow emotions, acceptance, forgiveness, peace. They help guide the soul safely through death's transition. And they help us realize we may choose an awareness of our continuing connections with those on the Other Side.

Rejuvenating Baths

Lavender flower essence is soothing and relaxing. Children and seniors often have sensitive nerves and are more easily overstimulated. Lavender relaxes over-excited dogs, too.

Add 5 - 10 drops of flower essences to your bathwater and relax and absorb the healing energies. Or use essences like Tomato and Egglplant with seaweed, salts or herbs to assist with detoxification after overwork, illness, trauma or chemical exposure. Bathe in Yarrow, Angelica, or Borage before challenging events.

For an especially powerful bath, make your own mother essence and add 4 oz to a full bath. Bathe on the new moon to release the old, on the full moon for inspiration, guidance, and bringing in the new.

See my article "Make Your Own Flower Essence."

Soul Evolution

Flower essences augment and strengthen the soul's energy so it is easier for us to express our joy and glory, and move more easily through our challenges. Flower essences help our souls choose paths of transformation and evolution. They harmonize the energies of soul and body to work together on our chosen learning, growth, and experiences.

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