Subtle Energy

Use Japanese Iris Core Star flower essencefor awareness of the continuous outpouring of energy from the core star. This spiritual center links us to the infinite creative force we embody. White Mullein flower essence clears the spinal energy channels, connecting all chakras. This can benefit cellular health through increased energy circulation.

Energy fields are a form of instantaneous information transmission, acting in our bodies as cell-to-cell telepathy. The information conveyed is not just the on/off of nerve synapses, but can be as complex as any chord played by a symphony orchestra. It is carried by electromagnetic as well as more subtle energies, including the chi of acupuncture meridians.

Though the brain is considered the central information processor for the body, the heart has the most powerful electromagnetic energy field. When the heart's field changes, the brain instantly copies it, and floods the body with biochemical signals to support the "change of heart." This process happens throughout the body, with organs, glands and other tissues constantly responding to the heart, and to each others' energy fields.

This Morning Glory essence helps the stiff or restricted heart respond more freely to feelings.

This is where the terms "vibes" and "good vibrations" came from. Everything vibrates. Our emotions and thoughts, the cells in our bodies, the strings of a guitar, ocean tides, planets in their orbits around the sun, light itself. Many of these vibrations are so subtle that they cannot be measured with our current technologies, just as an atom cannot be measured by a yardstick.

Subtle Bodies

For general subtle level protection, Yarrow flower essence is foundational. It repairs, strengthens, and cleanses the etheric shield, which helps with fatigue, negative situations, and sensitivities to chemicals, radiation, and EMFs.

Fields of energy surround and interpenetrate the physical body and beyond. They form succeeding layers of greater and greater subtlety, of higher and higher vibration, each vibrational layer being called a body.

Tomato essences have the power to throw off disharmonious energies. Each variety acts differently. Aunt Ruby's German Green cleanses ancestral patterns from etheric and cellular memory.

The subtle bodies are like expanding halos of rainbow light around us. Every moment, we radiate who we are, how we feel, and what we think in scintillating colors. These are truly the colors of our souls. Every joy shoots like fireworks through our subtle bodies. Every trauma twists like storm-tossed wrack there.

The astral body and lower chakras are susceptible to absorbing profoundly negative influences in conjunction with another person's controlling intentions, drug and alcohol use, or sex without mutual love and consent. Queen of the Night flower essence helps clear this pollution and builds awareness of our own power and freedom.

The etheric subtle body is closely associated with physical health. The etheric subtle body is part of an important energetic boundary that protects the self just as skin protects the tissues of the physical body. Breaks in the etheric subtle body can be detected as energetic "leaks". Yarrow flower essence has the ability to repair these holes. We have emotional and mental subtle bodies where we store the energetic patterns of feelings and thoughts. These patterns may have sunk deeply into our being in a moment of shock or upset, or they may have been absorbed from someone else. Now they can create unconscious habits of reaction, mood, attitude, and behavior.

By cleansing, toning, and aligning our subtle bodies, we can experience greater mental focus, emotional clarity, and ease of being. Overall energy and confidence improves. We feel better, because we are more harmonious and at peace in ourselves.


Healthy boundaries differentiate between each of us and the rest of the world. They energetically express our ease and confidence in being who we are.

Queen Anne's Lace flower essence clears the subtle field and intuitive faculties of negativity and interference. Brings clarity of intuition and relief for the psychically sensitive.

When someone you don't like comes into a room, you can feel their presence. We have expressions such as "he rubs me the wrong way" that describe our discomfort with certain people.

Someone who makes us happy will augment our own harmonious energy patterns, so we feel better. The same thing happens when we take flower essences. The vibrational pattern of the essences augments our harmonious energies, and heals our disharmonious energies.

One of many golden flowers relating to the 3rd chakra, Dandelion essence strengthens and relieves tension in the solar plexus, boosting self-esteem and personal empowerment. This chakra is key for digesting experience as well as food.

Healthy, energetic boundaries are important for our well-being. Healthy boundaries keep out negative energies from other people and places. They are linked to our physical well-being through the immune system, which differentiates between "me" and "not me" to keep us free of illness.

All the Yarrow flower essences strengthen the subtle energy field; various colors have different properties. This Orange Yarrow focuses and aligns the subtle bodies, and protects the skin.

Strong and weak boundaries are analogous to strong and weak personalities, but they are not always the same. Some people with powerful, abrasive personalities may have damaged, dysfunctional boundaries, while people with mild dispositions and low physical vitality might have boundaries energized with spiritual light. Weak, confused, damaged or diffuse boundaries can be associated with co-dependency, confusion, hypersensitivity, addiction, susceptibility to suggestion, negative psychic experiences, and other problems. Flower essence therapy gradually repairs problems in the subtle bodies, and heals the underlying causes. Astrology shows us the energetic contitution we were born with, validating our inner sense of self over external messages about who we "should" be.

Feelings, Frequency & Flow

The New England Aster flower essence can raise our overall vibratory rate, increasing well-being and shedding negativity.

Emotions like trust, peace, joy and love increase our alignment and connection with spirit. These emotions and thoughts about them vibrate at very high frequencies, and are associated with healthy tissues, strong immune systems, and happiness. Emotions like fear, hate, greed and jealousy pull us out of alignment, breaking or weakening our connection with spirit. Such emotions and thoughts about them vibrate at low frequencies, and are associated with fatigue, disease, weak immunity, depression, anxiety.

Different organisms naturally have different vibrational rates. Parasites, bacteria, and molds have low frequencies, while humans and other mammals vibrate quite rapidly. This varies from person to person according to consciousness and health. Inanimate matter also vibrates. Toxic chemicals, drugs, and petroleum have very low rates, while flower essences and some essential oils have very high rates.

The fullness and warmth of the Double Pink Peony flower essence restores the unconditional love so important between self and soul. We can accept ourselves as we are. Forgiving our own shortcomings helps us in all our relationships.

For a parasite or mold to invade a healthy, happy human is difficult, like trying to board a moving train. There are energy forms, called entities, that also seek to latch onto people with weak or low frequency energy fields.

When we are aligned, we are in harmony with our souls and with the universe. When we resist alignment, when we turn away from our spiritual nature in favor of fear or materialism, we are no longer in harmony with the greater flow of being and consciousness in the universe. Instead, we choose to connect on a very small scale through ego and a limited view of reality.

The gentle, supportive Miltonia Orchid essence orients us towards the light, allowing negativity and astral interference to drain away.

There are no "bad" emotions. Our feelings arise from both our bodies and our souls. Our bodiy-minds experience pleasure and pain, anger and fear, but it is our souls that bring depth, meaning, poignancy to life. Without our souls, we would be a collection of water, minerals, and chemical processes, all left behind when the soul departs at death. Our souls have the ability to regulate how we express our emotions so we stay in balance with truth, love, responsibility.

Growing by my back step is Rose Campion, which opens and cleanses the heart of hurt; Yellow Hollyhock for faith and confidence in one's self; Sage flower essence for learning from experience. Sundrops recreate the innocence and safety prior to painful events.

Feelings are like water. The element water is associated with feelings in cultures all over the world. Water is flowing, constantly changing, elusive, just as feelings are. They can come and go so quickly we barely notice them. Or they can erupt like a geyser or a tidal wave, seemingly out of nowhere, and swamp us. We can float calmly, serenely in mediation, or scream with excitement or rage.

Water always seeks to flow downward, towards the Earth. If it is blocked, it pools, building up pressure, until it finds another way. Feelings behave the same way. Connection with the Earth grounds them, helps them pass. If the flow of emotion within our bodies, hearts and minds is blocked, the living energy that carries our feelings is also blocked. It pools within us, in our muscles, nerves, or organs. It changes the way our body-minds move, think, react, feel, process information.

Daffodils in all their forms and colors heal the structures that channel energy from subtle level to physical. Inimical environments or events in childhood can block or distort chakras, preventing facets of the self from expressing.

Every time we repress a feeling, we create a dam blocking the flow of emotional energy. Every time we dull ourselves to our experience, we are building the dams within us higher and stronger. Many of us learned as children to do this, and it became habitual.

This is a negative state of being disconnected from our souls, from spirit, because we have blocked our feelings. Our emotions--no matter what emotions they are--are the vital link between our souls and our experiences. Without our feelings, we're half dead, zombies walking around without expression. It is feeling that connects our innermost being with others and the world around us. We are all part of the circle of life, originating in spirit, brought into being in our bodies living on Earth.

Our senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing connect us with other people and the world. When we block our emotions, our senses are also blocked. Food doesn't give us the same pleasure, music is dull, sex loses its thrill. Our intuitive soul senses connect us to spirit, and blocking our feelings dulls those senses, also. Flower essences work directly with our emotional nature to help release blocks to expression and strengthen the soul forces. They help heal the origins of the experiences that caused us to turn from happiness and connection. Flower essences balance intense emotions, helping our souls express potentially destructive feelings through art, movement, music, service, and other non-hurtful activities.


The eagle archetype in the heart chakra, and the mental clarity of the third eye are both stimulated by the clear vision bestowed by Yellow Hawkweed flower essence.

The chakras are where our issues are focused energetically. Emotions and beliefs, memories and habits, experiences from this and other lives all combine in the chakras, acting as central metaphors for our life experience. When cleansed, balanced and energized, the chakras emanate peace, joy, love and wisdom, bathing our physical and subtle bodies with a rainbow of healthy soul energies. Chakras channel spiritual and creative forces. They are the carpenters of our souls, building life and reality according to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and soul purpose.

The affinity of Red Monarda, or Bee Balm, with the crown chakra can be seen in the flower's structure. The red color indicates powerful vitality, associated with the root chakra.

One imbalanced, closed, or chaotic chakra affects all the others, along with our sense of physical being and our subtle bodies. Each chakra is associated with the physiological, emotional, and mental processes that occur in that area of the body.

The chakras naturally open and close depending on circumstances. A chakra that stays wide open when it ought to close, or stays closed all the time, is an indication of a need for healing there.

The vibrant golden orange of the French Marigold supports the stomach and spleen meridians, associated with digestion, centeredness and grounding.

Healing through the chakras can be highly effective, often involving visualization, energy cleansing, sound, color and physical expression through the body and voice. Flower essences can support all of these modes of chakra work. Flower essences can also be used as the sole method of chakra healing.

Flower essences can be applied directly to the skin at the site of the chakra, on the front of the body and on the spine. Flower essences can be added to a spray bottle and misted into the space around a chakra. A small vial of flower essence can be worn as jewelry or an amulet positioned over a chakra. A healing bath can be prepared using flower essences focused on healing a particular chakra.

Acupuncture Meridians

The kidney meridian and its water element supports all the other meridians. The strong water expression of Hosta flower essence is soothing, calming, and nourishing to kidney chi.

Acupuncture works through channels in the body called meridians. Energy called chi, ki, or qi, circulates throughout the body along these liquid crystal meridians, as blood flows through the circulatory system. Science can measure the electrical component of this energy, but this is only a slice of the full range of information carried in the meridians. Just as the serum of the blood is the medium for carrying red and white blood cells, antibodies, nutrients, hormones and other biochemicals, the energy of the meridians can be thought of as the medium for carrying many other kinds of information.

Waterlilies, orchids and other wildflowers, and many native sedges make this peaceful beaver pond their home.

Subtle energies are nourished or degraded by our environments. Chi is created by the natural rhythms and movements of wind, water, sun and moon over the Earth, and the intricate web of life of which we are a part. In order to be nourished by chi, we need to be connected to nature and each other. Flower essences help us connect with the Earth and our communities in nourishing ways.

There are flower essences that can help augment and balance each element, organ and meridian. Other flower essences help stabilize and harmonize all five elements in their dance through our bodies. Each meridian has emotional affinities, and our organs store certain emotions. When these remembered feelings are negative, our health can be profoundly affected. Flower essences can help the organs and meridians release negative memories and embrace positive.

Soul Loss & Retrieval

White Perennial Sweet Pea flower essence helps the rootless soul feel settled, connected, and at home.

Our souls are complex, beautiful, delicate patterns of energy. This energy can be damaged, split off and lost to our core selves. Such loss often results in diminisehd vitality, depression, creative blocks, chronic illness, sexual problems, and a reduced capacity for feeling and problem solving. There are many reasons why this happens, including trauma, addiction, grief, and oppression. A soul retrieval process find the lost part and bring it home.

Practitioners of soul retrieval may use hypnosis or shamanic ritual to search for the lost part. Once turned towards home, the part needs to be welcomed and helped to feel safe before it can be fully integrated into the being.

Flower essences help tremendously in this process, both in preparing a welcome and safe space within you, and in integrating the recovered memories and feelings. Flower essences used continuously, promote an ongoing process of soul recovery.

Past Lives & Cellular Memory

White Clover flower essence heals residues of collective panic and trauma from war or natural disaster. These energetic patterns can be carried in cellular memory for generations.

Memories of our soul's journey through other lives are imprinted on the cells of our bodies in this life. Ancestral memory is inherited along with our other physical attributes, as cellular memory. Traumas experienced by either our souls or our ancestors can manifest in current life as otherwise unexplainable physical or psychological problems.

Flower essences can enhance one's ability to recall past lives through trance or dream, or in conjunction with past life regression. They release old memories and related beliefs, and guide us towards peace and freedom in this life. They can also help us access skills, talents, and knowledge we developed in other lives.

Uncovering the soul beneath the hurts and confusion is a lot like falling in love with yourself and your life, for many of us, for the first time.

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