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TAT is an energy psychology method that is simple to learn and use, yet powerful, deep-acting, and far-reaching. Excellent for trauma, recovery, chronic illness, personal growth, all sorts of healing, and any of life's challenges. Download free instructions on the website. Highly recommended! TATLife.com

The Emotion Code
by chiropractor Bradley Nelson is an easy and highly effective technique for permanent quick removal of trapped and inherited emotions, traumas, and other unwanted baggage. Easy to learn and use on yourself, your family, friends, and pets. Search YouTube for his instructional videos, or get the book from amazon.com, there's a link below to the left. There's a page on my blog devoted to using flower essences with The Emotion Code. Astroessence Blog Page

Aura-Soma is a fascinating color-based healing method I am just becoming acquainted with. Like flower essences, it is a system of vibrational remedies, applied topically, and derived from natural sources such as plants and minerals. They are visually beautiful liquid intelligences. see bottles Loci Shines Yonder can guide you through the selection process. She excels at dreamwork and the archtypal healing process.

The Healing Code
by chiropractor Alex Lloyd is another easy to learn and use self-healing technique that can have quite remarkable results. The first two thirds of the book are the clearest, most concise, and thoroughly scientific explication of why and how emotions, trauma, and stress create illness that I have ever come across. Then there's an easily learned technique involving the hands on the head. The tricky bit is the prayer/statement to say while doing this. Happily, there is a website, support forum, and free telecalls to support purchasers of the books.

I highly recommend the free pulse energy healing sessions by conference call by Jo Dunning Check out her Abundance Project and prayer list.

The Touch of Healing: Energizing Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu
by Alice Burmeister. An introduction to the theory and techniques of this ancient Japanese art. Though this shares the 5 elements of acupuncture, the rest is quite different: more cosmic. Did you know that the spiritual aspects of acupuncture were largely lost in the reintroduction of acupuncture by China's current government? In Jin Shin Jyutsu, spirit is in every depth, every energy flow, every point. Easy to do on yourself and others and very relaxing. No pain, no pressure, no massage. Help your health and balance your meridian energies.

Our animal friends need our help too. I've had excellent results with two animal communicators.
Dawn Allen will tell you what your animal companions are thinking and experiencing. This can be extremely helpful when they are ill, as well as for behavior issues, and just to find out what's going on for them. She also teaches an excellent class.
Wendy Groomes has more of an energy systems therapy approach, looking at your pet's whole family situation to make comprehensive recommendations. Earthkin Communications

The Sedona Method
by Hale Dwoskin offers a comprehensive program of emotional release to free yourself of limiting beliefs, based on Lester Levenson's amzaing experiences and teachings. I like this more than many of the usual self-help techniques because it engages directly with the true nature to make choices in the moment, and, in a very Buddhist way, to let go of all attachment and identification. Though it never mentions this as Buddhist... The Sedona Method Other materials I haven't personally tried are on sedona.com

I am a distributor for the Young Living line of high quality therapeutic essential oils, nutritional supplements, and healthy home products free of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. The hair care products, deodorants, Thieves Cleanser, and Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste are especially awesome! Many of the essential oils are grown organically under the personal supervision of Gary Young, the founder of the company. You can check out the products at www.youngliving.us/about.asp. It's easy to sign up, just use my name: Ziporah Hildebrandt, and my distributor number 118392. Thanks, be healthy, and enjoy!

I hand-dye silk with homemade plant dyes. Marvelous beings that plants are, their healing vibrational patterns are present in the dyed silk. See and purchase the silk tops, scarves, neckties, pillows and other items I've dyed without naturally, without chemicals, at zeldezplantwear.etsy.com I've charged every one of them using healer Bill Stratton's method.

Healer Bill Stratton is wonderful! He's over 80 years old and his voice doesn't have the stamina it used to, but his healing potency gets stronger and stronger! Call him at 760-479-1678, he charges $25 for a short session, and loves working with animals, too. billstratton.com

Astrology & Human Design Resources

For astrological information, I enjoy Astrodienst where you can get a variety of free charts, including calculations for progressions, transits, any asteroids, centaurs and so on, relocation charts, astrocartography, etc. I cannot recommend the paid interpretations here but there's a lot of information for free. www.astro.com

See Zane Stein's site on Chiron, the other Centaurs and newly discovered outer system bodies:

Alisa Levy has an information-packed site and forum focusing on gemstones and astrology, especially fixed stars.

You can get your own Human Design chart, called a rave chart or bodygraph, at Jovianarchive.com Create an account (free) to have your chart emailed to you. The Human Design chart integrates astrology and the I Ching by overlaying the 64 hexagrams onto the zodiac. The chart will show the positions of the planets in the 64 hexagrams at your birth and 90 days before birth, when the neocortex is activated. These planetary positions determine which of the 64 energy gates are switched on, which indicates the channels and centers that are activated. Whatever you may think of the interpretations of this information, I have found this to be an energetically correct system. Just seeing your chart engages your higher self and begins the process of entraining to your design, instead of to the learned consensus reality around us.

For an excellent introduction to Human Design, I like the slideshow at HumanDesignForEveryone.com. Karen Curry presents these complex concepts and information in a grounded and easy to understand way.

Chetan Parkyn is one of the original handful of students of the founder of Human Design. He has written two books. I can highly recommend his material; his first book, Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be is a great overview of the whole system, covering the nine energy centers, the gates (hexagrams), the 5 types, and the profiles, in enough depth to be quite useful without information overload. Chetan Parkyn's Human Design Books

Richard Rudd's book The Gene Keys on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, integral to the Human Design system and synonymous with the 64 codons of human DNA, is a monumentally amazing work. See link to left.

If you've never encountered the I Ching, I recommend the classic Wilhelm & Baynes translation as a comprehensible foundation, and Carol Anthony's books as a contemporary-friendly method of putting this wisdom to use in your life. I haven't read all of the books on the subject, and look forward to reading Al Huang's translation--Al is awesome!--however I have Cleary's Taoist translation and found it obscure. As with many translations of metaphysical works, it may be more of a scholarly than a useful guide. I Ching books

Flower Essence Resources

I enjoy The Flower Speaks, a flower essence Tarot deck and book. The author-artist does spiritual healing work also. The Flower Speaks on amazon.com or visit Marlene's lovely website. www.waterspider.net

There are many articles on the informational website of the Flower Essence Society located in Nevada City, California. They offer classes, books, and other resources. www.flowersociety.org

Another flower essence site with many articles, including a couple of mine, is Vibration Magazine, www.floweressencemagazine.com Browse through the Article Archive (the magazine is no longer actively publishing).

Living Essences of Australia has a comprehensive self-study course on flower essences.

Books for the Journey

Journey of Souls
Michael Newton
Regression hynotherapist's accounts of souls' experiences between lives. Fascinating!

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay
The primer in positive thinking and affirmation. Louise Hay founded the successful Hay House publishing and internet business, after an early life of abuse, trauma and loss. This book is her story and sharing what she learned on her healing journey. Includes a listing of common metaphorical meanings of health problems. Louise Hay

Acknowledging What Is
by Bert Hellinger is a Q & A interview on this radical therapist's work with family constellations. A succinct and amazing introduction to working with families, ancestors and the orders of love.

Cell Talk
by John Upledger, founder of the Upledger Institute which brought Craniosacral Therapy into the mainstream. Fascinating book compiles information gleaned from hundreds of dialogs with people's Inner Physicians, brain areas, glands, cells and other areas in the body. This is the book that got me started on my own amazing journey of conversing with my body.

I've thoroughly enjoyed two books written by brain specialists who have undergone severe brain traumas and lived to write about their reality-altering experiences. My Stroke of Insight shares a brain researcher's altered perceptions when her left brain had a massive stroke, and how this experience altered her view of her life and self. Without her logical, linear left brain, it was hard to dial the phone, yet she experienced what we often think of as spiritual joy.
Proof of Heaven is an account of his journey to the spirit world by a neurosurgeon, after he returned from a week-long coma induced by bacterial meningitis he "should" have died from. There is profound spiritual insight in these books that can shed light on anyone's experience of life and healing. Links to left.

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