To my mother
Mary Lutz Hildebrandt
September 16, 1924 - July 20, 2006

Mom loved badminton, this was our last volley

Mom loved flower essences, and wouldn't be without them. The last fifteen years of her life, Mom was so open to change. Her positive attitude, willingness to look honestly at herself, and her active seeking out of the many new activities that inspired and delighted her all contributed to her happiness.

Alternative healers. Home improvement. New friends. Flower arranging. Exercise clubs. Laughter Club and clowning! Travel. Falling in love! Becoming a Quaker. Women's spirituality. Inner physician dialog. EFT and TAT. The many volunteer and activist contributions she made to so many people in so many ways. With strength and courage, she made every choice about care and treatment for lung cancer based on what felt right to her, what she felt good about. She left this life brilliantly.

Thanks, Mom, for all your support and love. I know you would be so thrilled to see this website!

Heart to heart with Mom. She was a sincere listener Mom's collection of teddy bears and other soft buddies
Still cheering!

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