Healing Issues

Flower essences are very supportive for those suffering from trauma, abuse, hidden wounds, and other intensely stressful situations. Mental illness, addiction, violence, depression and so many other serious problems respond beautifully to flower essences because these conditions involve complex interactions of biochemistry, emotion, thoughts, and subtle energies. The energetic patterns of the flowers add the natural, spiritual dimension to healing so often missing from mainstream treatment. I treat each person as a unique individual with a meaningful spiritual destiny.

The two fundamental processes of flower essence healing are release and reconnection. Release of old pain and trauma, energetic and physical toxins, emotional burdens and memories, energetic and neurological blockages. Reconnection to life, soul, the self, the truth, the body. Old patterns of energy, thought, and reaction are released. Fresh connections are made in new, healthier ways.

Each person is different, with a complex and creative strategy for coping. No situation, no person, is hopeless or meaningless. Flower essences can bring insight, comfort, and the will to change. They repair, align, balance. For those who are willing, customized flower essence combinations offer keys to unlock the doors of the heart, the soul, and the hopeful, magical future.

Challenging Events & Situations

When life takes a sudden turn, flower essences and astrology can help you cope and offer spiritual perspective. Sudden changes are stressful, reducing immunity and vitality. Shocks cause mental and emotional freezing, and a numbness and shutting down of body systems and energetic flow. Unreleased, this sets the stage for later serious problems.

Flower essences ease body and energy systems back into balance and the flow of health. When life goes too fast and too hard, astrology can help in revealing that disruptive planetary transits are at work. Flower essences can maximize your potential for changing and growing with the cosmic influences. They cushion you against stress and shocks by reconnecting every system in the body-mind-spirit to the ultimate sources of vitality, inner peace, and truth, found in nature and the spiritual dimension within each one of us.


Pressure, whether from within or outside of us, puts a strain on mind and emotions as well as our physical health. Modern life is full of everyday stresses; when more is added to your personal load, the interweaving of subtle and physical systems that is life can begin to fray at the weakest points.

Flower essences can buffer temporary stresses, as well as work to heal those weak places, where old or unresolved memories, events, family and other personal issues have created disharmony. Awareness is enhanced, understanding and healing follow. We can move forward stronger and more whole, shedding what felt so draining before like rain off an umbrella.


Loss hurts, whether a dear one has died, or a beloved has left us alone, or we've lost an irreplaceable aspect of our lives. The connections are broken. We feel empty. Other losses echo, other hurts...sometimes from before conscious memories. Flower essences remind us that our true nature is eternal and indestructible. They reorient, heal and reconnect us to the wellsprings of love and meaning in life and spirit.

Chronic Illness & Disability

Illness and disability can set us apart from the main current of the world's daily life, leaving us isolated, hurt, abandoned. Besides the challenges of dealing with our own needs, we also have the additional struggle for understanding, access, accommodations. Intense feelings arise from awareness of the differences that limit and set us apart. Flower essences help with adjusting to and accepting our conditions. They can open us to the inner richness and delight of exploring life in new ways, on new paths, forging new identities.

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Broken Relationships

When you sense something isn't right in an important relationship, flower essences and astrology can help work on the problems. So much can be healed by working on oneself, taking responsibility, forgiving, letting go of fears in order to love without attachment or dependence. Bleeding Heart, Money Plant, Peonies, Roses are all excellent flower essences to work with. Working on communicating with the other person can also make positive shifts.

If the relationship is clearly ending or over, flower essences help move through the grief and anger and hurt authentically, responsibly, without blame or victimhood. Those are hard feelings, but worth it to stay with until they pass, transforming into new awareness and connection to your core self. An astrological reading can show the openings occurring, and flower essences lend support towards taking steps in new directions.


Every way out seems barred: stuck without money, in a bad job, toxic family, wrong body, whatever. Life gives us important truths and opportunities. When it seems we can't get anywhere, we must look within, change our attitudes, open up to a different perception or experience, in order to see the way through. Astrology can point to where we may be limiting our viewpoint. Flower essences bring in the help of cosmic forces, our souls, higher selves, hearts and spiritual guides. So often we think we can only get where we want to go by making things happen. By allowing our hearts and the still small voice within to lead us, we can experience an entirely new relationship with ourselves, the world, and life.


Most of us were taught to believe in the rules, the rational, the material, the known. We lost our intuitive connection to spirit and soul, and over-developed mind and ego to survive. Few of us have been loved and accepted unconditionally. Without the loving foundation of knowing without a doubt that we are okay just as we are, we grow up fearful. We crave control to protect us from hurt and the insecurity of the unknown. But we risk losing the loving wisdom of our hearts that embraces the freedom beyond fear. We fear for those we love, but love becomes attachment and need, and, attempting to hold on to those we need, we trespass on their freedom.

The flower devas pour out love. Every flower essence reconnects us to our hearts and souls, and the spirit and earth love that is life. They help us trust that we are okay, and will be okay, no matter what happens, because we are cradled between heaven and earth in the loving arms of the great oneness. They help us let go, see ourselves as the divine beings we truly are, and learn new ways to love and live.


We tend to believe what we're told. We become how an abuser makes us feel: afraid, ashamed, helpless, hurt. As small children, our minds, bodies, and selves are still developing, building on our experiences. When the foundation is faulty the structure is too shaky to handle all the pressures of life without falling apart somehow. Those abused as adults often experienced some sort of neglect or violation as children that created a vulnerability to being violated again. The weak structure of self needs to be rebuilt, discarding what doesn't work, finding the foundation and making it strong and whole.

Flower essences help this rebuilding, letting go of everything that doesn't ring true and instead connecting to heart, soul, spirit, body and divine love, guidance, comfort and wisdom. Flower essences support the healing of the nervous system from trauma and stress. They gently release hurts, memories, feelings, and old beliefs. They soothe frightened inner children and welcome them safely into the new, integrated self.

Self Destructive Behaviors

When inner torment wrings us into tangles we cannot bear, we often feel we have to act in harmful ways to relieve the pressure. Perhaps it is hurting our own bodies, eating, drinking, drugs, fighting, anonymous sex, or other violent or dangerous actions. Flower essences work to heal the roots of inner conflict, bringing awareness and new perspective on the situations that trigger us, and the reasons for our responses. Awareness brings positive transformation. Astrology can suggest alternative positive and creative outlets for our intense urges and needs.


Flower essences are great helpers in all phases of recovery, from the first desire to step towards health, to healing body, mind, heart and spirit from the effects of abusing oneself. Often other issues or traumas lie beneath addiction, and recovery requires the deep healing of these. Flower essences support our connection to inner truth and the guiding wisdom of our hearts and souls to uncover who we really are. Astrology can often point out specific energetic or interpersonal relationships that, when handled differently, ease the stresses or vulnerabilities that contribute to addictive behaviors.


Our bodies aren't the only repositories of pollution. Besides cellular and fluid stagnation from overload, our energy bodies can be clogged with discordant frequencies from chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, and other toxins. It's also common to accumulate negative thoughts, verbal sound bytes, or dysfunctional emotional patterns from the media, people we're around, and our families of origin. Our own negative thoughts and emotional responses are the most potent of all.

Flower essences help to clear all levels of disharmony, and reconnect us to our inner light, just as the passing of cloudy skies lets the sun shine clearly down. There are flower essences to support cleansing our organs and body systems, as well as meridians, subtle bodies, and the chakra energy centers where our most powerful beliefs and internalized images are held. Using flower essences in conjunction with a practice of energy psychology, affirmation, visualization, or prayer replaces negative beliefs and images with positive, healing ones, leading to transformation on all levels of life.

Anxiety, Depression, Anger

Often these unpleasant feelings are masks for deeper, more difficult, often painful emotions. We develop these habitual feelings to distract and protect ourselves from the underlying hurt that we believe would overwhelm us. Whatever the cause of our pain, gentle flower essence therapy can see us safely through to regaining our whole selves, our choices and freedom, our joy and love of life.

Flower Essences & Medications

Flower essence therapy is an excellent adjunct to mainstream approaches and will not interfere with medications; in fact, flower essences tend to make medications more effective, and can even reduce dosages. They also help significantly with side-effects. Note: Flower essences are not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a serious physical condition please see a qualified physician.

Fears & Alienation

We mammals are social beings; we need to be with others, to touch and be touched, to feel connected. When we've been tortured, neglected, rejected, ignored we tend to react by withdrawal into our own fortress of suffering, or with anger, hate, blame. Flower essences help to move through the fear that keeps us armored and separate. They open us to love, trust, and safe reconnection.

Identity & Gender Issues

Nothing is more foundational to life than our experience of ourselves. Everything that happens to us, every choice, failure, achievement, misunderstanding or revelation contributes to our sense of selfhood. Identity is basic to how we fit in and connect with others, determining whether we feel alone or part of a community. Awareness of the self is where flower essences excel; like the layers of an onion, we move miraculously towards the numinous core, becoming ever more whole, ever more ourselves.

We all have both feminine and masculine aspects; family, culture, and biology influence the ease or difficulty we have accepting ourselves. We suffer when our inner identity doesn't match what others see. The horoscope reveals, through the natal angles and planetary placements, fundamentals of who we are with all the conflicts, challenges, and creative potential we were born with. Transits from Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto can show particular stresses occurring now, as well as fruitful directions for exploration, awareness, and transformation.


Healing can take a long time. The journey to joy and wholeness can sometimes seem like two steps back to each step forward. Flower essences keep the process moving forward. They bolster faith and confidence, connect us to the inner core of knowing we are on the path to happiness. They soften the disappointments, balance the extremes.

Sustained flower essence therapy addresses the key elements of true recovery: unconditional love and forgiveness towards yourself, letting go of the past and forgiving others, awareness and being in the present moment, taking responsibility, and transforming limiting beliefs into a positive outlook.

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Victim Consciousness & Responsibility

Yes, it happened, that awful hurtful, unfair thing. It destroyed your happiness, your health, your faith, your trust, your world. Are you still carrying it around? Does getting kicked when you're already down feel so familiar you expect it? Do you explain your life with all the ways you've been hurt, the injustices done, the bad luck? Does the whole world act against you? Being a victim is the flip side of your own power. Flower essences and astrology can reveal a different you. Whatever it was that took your power away, it's over, it's past. You can take your power back now by taking responsibility for your life. Don't wait any longer for someone else to fix it.

The universe cooperates with our consciousness. Life acts as a mirror, reflecting our thoughts and beliefs in events. You are the one who must fix your life. By taking responsibility for everything that happens to you, everything you think and feel and experience, you can truly change your life. Amazingly, even things that appear beyond your control can change when your attitude changes. This is so because we are truly spiritual, as well as material beings.

Being in the Present

When we live in the present, we come to each moment fresh. We can make choices consciously instead of being driven by old patterns, habits, beliefs, or fears. There are many things in life we cannot control, but there is one thing you and only you CAN control: your experience of your life. Moment by moment, each of us CAN experience that we are OK, that the deep inner core of who we are is unharmed, intact, no matter what is happening. In the NOW, we have the transformative power of awareness. We have the power to make choices. We can create positive change, just by being here NOW.

Flower essences assist us in coming into the present, getting out of our thoughts and mind chatter. Flower essences help us come into the present by heightening our awareness of our senses, our emotions, what our minds are doing. Flower essences increase consciousness of what is actually happening inside us, outside us, and our responses. We become more aware of where our thoughts go--into the past, into the future, into imaginings, anxieties, habitual emotions. Once we are aware of what we're doing, we're in the present, and can make new choices.

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