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"Flower essences and astrology have brought happiness, transformation, and healing to many people. Ultimately, they don't fix our problems; rather, they connect us to the universal life, consciousness, healing, and transformation within and around us."

Astroessence Flower Essences formerly "Wisdom Moon Essences for Soul Renewal"

Hundreds of Flower Essences From Garden, Wild Flowers, Lichens and More

These are flower essences I use often with my clients and in my combinations. Powerful, gentle healing and energetic support for human and planetary evolution.

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Combination Flower Essences

My pre-mixed flower essence formulas are my most popular product. 1 oz dosage bottles preserved with clear natural rum, or non-alcoholic cider vinegar or glycerin on request. An easy intro to AstroEssence!

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Flower Essence Chakra Session

The flower devas love this one! While you lie down and relax, the devas guide which flower essences will be remotely applied to your chakras. I mail you a bottle of the essences, too. Be sure your correct email goes into your Paypal so we can schedule the session!

Human Design Custom Flower Essence Blend

Human Design brilliantly combines the positions of the planets with your body's energy centers. A copy of your Human Design chart is emailed to you. 1 oz. dosage bottle of flower essences to clear your energy field and enhance your infinite being. People find these combinations balancing, centering, and relaxing.

Comprehensive AstroEssence Consultation

This includes an in-depth discussion of your needs and history. I look at your charts, progressions and transits, and sometimes charts of other members of your childhood family. I put together one or more custom flower essence formulas. Follow-up coaching sessions are $95 and include new flower essence formulas.

Child Consult

We discuss your child's unique situation. Great for adoptions, blended families and other stressors. Flower essences included of course!

Planetary Transit Custom Flower Essence

We discuss what the current transits are asking for in your life. Your custom flower essence formula will maximize the transits' potential for personal growth, insight, and positive change.

Lineage Ancestor Healing Session

Healing our ancestors is essential to healing ourselves in this time of accelerated evolution. With my unique intuitive guidance, I identify where your family tree has blocks to the flow of blessings and life. I will facilitate communication with those ancestors. Together, you, me and your ancestors clear deep inherited patterns from their origins. Healing Roots flower essence combination is included.

Sabian Symbol Flower Essence Consult

The Sabian symbols are images associated with each degree of the zodiac. They have an ancient and mysterious history. By writing a stream of consciousness narrative of the symbols for your angles, planets, nodes, and other points in order around the horoscope, a new dimension of your chart is revealed, the voice of your soul in metaphors. While writing, I receive direct impressions from angels and your spirit guides. Accurate birth time required. Custom flower essence formula included.

Hand Drawn Horoscope

Birth chart includes planets, some asteroids & Centaurs, Dark Moon Lilith, with major aspect configurations. Drawn in black ink on a decorative ink design of tree, sun and star. Off-white cardstock 11" x 13.5" which is 28 x 34 cm. Makes a wonderful gift.


General Information

For anyone engaged in recovery or healing, or using flower essences consciously as part of on-going personal/spiritual growth, periodic consultations every 4 to 8 weeks is the most powerful way to benefit from flower essences. The plant intelligences or devas love to work with people this way--all they need is your willing cooperation! Affirmations are also a highly effective accompanionment especially for specific issues or emotions. Contact me when you order if you'd like affirmation suggestions or see my etsy shop for affirmations for each of my combinations.

Inquire for quantity discounts.

International Orders

International customers may be invoiced through PayPal for additional postage charges before mailing; maximum of $28 for each package. A package contains up to 7 bottles. Please allow 8 weeks for overseas delivery. It usually takes 3 to 10 days; sometimes packages are held in customs for mysterious reasons. If your country's alphabet is non-Western, please email your name, address and phone number in the alphabet used.

Other items for sale at astroessence.etsy.com include talismans and flower essence vials for pendants, pocket or under pillow.

See zeldezplantwear.etsy.com for my silk accessories dyed with flowers.

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Featured Flower Essences

Lavender Bliss African Daisy (Arctotis Serenity Lavender Bliss)

Gently relaxes the constrictions we impose on our connection with source, to allow ourselves to experience our true nature more fully. An affinity with Uranus, and the Tarot Magician: very individual, unique. Truth is the best medicine but it can be a bitter pill. Brings awareness to the mental webs we spin out of control, that trap us in dead ends. The essence soothes and consoles after running the will into a brick wall. Steers the will from force to a light, dancing touch.

Wild Pink Azalea (Rhododendron roseum)

Soft pink, beloved by our tiger swallowtails, this native wild beauty fills the spring forests with its lovely fragrance. The essence shakes out negativity and fear, bringing a vision of love and being loved to release whatever is held out fear of lack. The loving light floods from the angelic realms and beyond into the all the chakras. Especially comforting with Sweet Cicely.

Alyssum "Basket of Gold" (Alyssum saxatile)

Abundance, clarity, joy! This shining flower clarifies the auric field, healing the self from the heart and solar plexus outward, of separation from the source, and of personal diminishment in relation to others. A key essence for issues around projection of one's own better qualities onto others who are then admired or elevated above oneself.

Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas)

Connects us with the glory that is our true nature. We are each a portal to radiate spiritual light in whatever measure we allow. This essence assists us to share the glory we receive with clarity, in whatever form it takes through us.

Wild Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosom)

Creates a safe space deep within, to feel or keep one's true feelings, when all else is inhospitable. Helps those who have numbed the emotions, closed off from being met with cold, aloof, or unresponsive care when young. Heals problems of poor attachment to mother. Assists with inner child recovery and healing.

Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchum mucronatum)

This delicate member of the iris family is a key healer for humanity's suffering. Like the lantern carried by the Hermit in the Tarot card, this diminutive flower activates the frequencies of DNA to bring us, as a species, into higher consciousness.

Gayfeather/Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)

Releases stored up energies after hiding or hoarding them out of fear or pride. They cleanse the spinal channels. The White especially connects with knowledge, wisdom, and skills acquired in other lives or realms of spirit.

(White) Amt:$16.00/each
(Purple) Amt:$16.00/each
White Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis alba)

Profound healing for the heart, and the vital energies dependent upon it. For souls starved for love; with huge capacity for love that has been unreceived. Excellent for recovery and inner child healing.

Blackberry (Rubus fruticosa)

Very grounding. Aligns on many levels, especially the will and physical. Strengthening, vitalizing. Assists in manifesting the necessary foundation for the soul to achieve its purpose.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

Calm, pure. Clearing to most energy levels. Special affinity for the lymph and the splenic center. Assists in immune function, detoxification and cleansing. A pure simple aid to meditation and connecting to one's intuitive, instinctual senses in the moment.

Borage (Borago officinalis)

Eases all stress and strain. Relieves mental burdens and agonized thinking. For standing firm within oneself, unafraid, knowing oneself indestructible. The White takes these qualities to the soul level, assisting in soul retrieval, past life memories of extremis, and dissociative disorders.

(White) Amt:$16.00/each
(Blue) Amt:$16.00/each
Buddha Orchid (Dendrobium lindleyii)

Calming, soothing, stills the mind into alert openness. A healing essence for prenatal stress, and for expecting moms, too. Take after shock or fright while pregnant; restores fetal peace. Heals all shocks of overstimulation, sensory overload. Helpful for ADD/ADHD and any hypersensitization. Good for meditation.

Pink Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum hybrid)

Supports all body fluids, supports kidney chi. Aids clear, strong cellular memory. The whole body becomes more receptive to love, joy, happiness. Connects chi and energetic channels to physical, and strengthens all meridians without aggravation. Yin, gentle, soft.

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

The natural power of the soul, grounded in the hara. Stepping into one's own inner authority. Helpful for both feeling controlled by others, and using control oneself to get a sense of security. Vitalizing and aligning.

Queen of the Night Cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

Heightens awareness and perception of lower astral, the sacral chakra energies of power and sexuality in particular. Can aid in bringing to consciousness what may have been numbed by chronic childhood fear, or overexposure to the unhealthy frequencies of substance abuse, control, inappropriate sexuality, manipulation, etc. When clearly perceiving the this icky, fog-like stuff, it is easier to avoid and clear it. Useful for healers knowledgeable in what to do with it once perceived, for space clearing and certain types of shamanic work. Combine with essences such as Black Cohosh for cleansing. Use only with clear and loving intention, as even the positive astral is a powerful energy.

Porcupine Calendula (Calendula officinalis "Porcupine")

When the power expressed through the voice is hurtful, angry, cutting, can bring healing through connecting with the heart. Brings awareness of the inner monologue, what tone one uses to speak to oneself, and make it more loving.

Castor Bean (Ricinus communis "Carmencita")

Heals sexual trauma to the reproductive tissues, sacral chakra, and subtle bodies. Heals defensive behaviors developed to shield consciousness from painful memory. Through awareness, reconnects to traumatized areas, facilitating release. Flower essences work more gently than many standard therapeutic processes, easing the healing process to prevent re-traumatization. Supports the acknowledgement of emotions such as hurt and anger that strengthen the self through their safe expression.

Centaurea Montana (Centaurea montana)

Love on the mental plane, divine love as a manifested thought. Clarity, truth. Helps access high spiritual information. Strengthens the mind and mental subtle body. Assists in dialog with angels, spirits, guides. Beneficial Uranus energy. Throat, heart, and 3rd eye chakras.

White Chive (Allium shoenprasum alba)

Validates and supports acceptance of gender polarities, especially when present and past lives conflict, or when the soul's innate preference is not currently manifesting. Encourages unity of self and identity, healing for strong negative beliefs from other lives related to gender. Helps body tissues resolve disparate identities.


Ageless and ancient, connects us with our own eternal existence. Assists with acceptance of inexorable changes brought by life and time, allowing refinement and wisdom. Orange/Red helps seasonal issues of winter. White/Yellow is smooth, easing us into allowing life to unfold without anxiety.

(Orange/Red) Amt:$16.00/each
(White/Yellow) Amt:$16.00/each
Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Master healer at the deepest levels of individual and soul existence. Adjusts what is out of kilter. Especially healing for brain, nerves, tissues. Recommended for all healing of long-standing problems of any kind.

Clearweed (Pilea pumila)

We live in a multi-dimensional energy field crowded with information and events, past and present, most of which is not available to our conscious minds, but which we can sense unconsciously. This essence clears the lens of our focus, sweeping distractions aside. Clears subtle bodies. Brings what is needed effortlessly into awareness.

White Clover (Trifolium repens)

Heals the soul's experience of past life mass terrors: war, plague, natural disasters, etc. Brings deep calm, total peace, acceptance of what was, what is, and the eternal nature of being.

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas)

Powerful essence for attracting and aligning spiritual forces to manifest intentions in fulfillment of the soul's purpose.

Orange Cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus "Bright Lights")

Helpful in group communication and cooperation. Assists in raising the frequency of groups beyond the personal, to the visionary. Take for issues related to balancing one's own needs and desires with the group's goal, learning to be flexible, to have fun without ego intruding. An evolutionary essence towards a new paradigm of human cooperation.

Cosmos Double Click (Cosmos bipinnatus "Double Click")

Cosmos essences address issues of the throat: manifestation, voice, creative expression; opening this energy center and easing the flow of expression. Double Click is for people with a lot of complication here: blocks, complex circumstances, health issues, creativity that doesn't flow straightforwardly, a history of creative difficulty. A tormented relationship with one's muse. Painful material that is difficult to express. Helps to accept and allow, releasing personal identification with pain and struggle.

Large-flowered Cucumber (Cucumis sativus hybrid)

The vessel of gold that is the questing heart of Self. Augments the heart as an organ of perception. Heightens awareness of the intuition. Perspective on life as steps seeking the fulfillment of the Self. Useful in feeling out one's next step.

Yellow Cymbidium Orchid (Cymbidium hybrid)

Mental sunshine! Clarifies muddled thinking, assists in problem solving, organizing, visualizing, learning, composing, writing. helps you figure out what you want and then how to go about it. Increases definition. Works in the present. Dispels brain fog. Helps to wake up, be alert.

Very Pale Yellow Daylily (Hemerocallis hybrid)

Daily renews the tissues of the frontal cortex, the inhibitory area of the brain. Helps let go of old limits, beliefs, and negative habits. Constantly refreshes the mental subtle body so thoughts are new and fresh each moment. Refreshes the neurons that originate thoughts, and helps break the habitual circuits other areas of the brain. General application for personal enhancement and enjoyment, and for creative or any work valuing original, fresh thinking.

Purple Eye Daylily (Hemerocallis Siloam hybrid)

Renews and refreshes the mind with spiritual thoughts: loving-kindness, peace, beauty. Brings a sense of fresh creation each moment, and, as with uplifting music, relaxing into a transcendence that sweeps away cares, and calls one to simply dance, be.

Elephant Garlic (Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum)

Everything that is the body. Integration of everything that's been unintegrated, brain-mind, subtle energies, nerves, memory, and all impressions and absorbed imprints from the environment, family, etc. So much of our experiences remain unintegrated, undigested--this essence helps sort through, toss out, organize what to keep. Excellent for bodywork, inner child and recovery work, healing from divorce, abuse, any difficult personal material.

Wild Evening Primrose (Oenethera biennis)

Foundation essence for pre-natal healing. Especially helpful for healing all sorts of stresses experienced or absorbed, including hormones, emotions, trauma. Also works for the newborn and infant periods.

Fall Brown Cup Fungus (Peziza badia)

For those who hold in every negative expression, who present only a pleasant exterior, yet repel connection. Extreme intolerance with no ability to tolerate it or express it. Heals self-hatred, when finding oneself repellant, out of repetitive experiences of being rejected. Wounding merging of boundaries in childhood, leaving deep unfulfilling reactivity.

Chesnok Red Garlic (Allium sativum)

The wizard essence, enhances the innate power to create from infinite possibilities. Clears blocks to the potency of being oneself, as Les Paul said: "getting out there and doing what you were put on this Earth to do." Strengthens vital forces and belly energy centers.

Glory-of-the-Snow (Chionodoxa forbesii)

For profound vulnerability in past or present. Like a soft blanket over a sleeping baby, bringing comfort and ease of mind and heart. The Blue is beneficial for strong negative impressions made on the mind. The Pink heals physical, sexual and emotional abuse, extremes of feeling totally exposed leading to dissociation. Both renew the ability to feel open and loving.

(Blue) Amt:$16.00/each
(Pink) Amt:$16.00/each
Golden Ragwort (Senecio aureus)

Strong vertical rooted orientation, of self, of place. Powerful healer for those who are rootless, alienated, lacking a sense of place and belonging, who can't stand to be in where their body is. Connects the meridians and areas of the brain with the local energy grid. Each one of us has a space to fill in the magnetic matrix; this essence slots us into it.

Helleborine Orchid (Epipactis helleborine)

Cleanses recently acquired negative hangers-on such as thoughts from others, thought forms, and other mental junk. Helps protect body from the effects of dirty power.

Crested Iris (Iris cristata)

A powerful little wildflower, important in reparenting and other inner child and recovery healing. The deva also has the amazing power to enliven what Bert Hellinger (originator of family constellations) calls the "orders of love". Essential for those working with family constellations and other healing of ancestral or inherited patterns.

Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)

The Green Tara of flower essences, infinitely compassionate. The deva I call on most frequently. She will ground pain, physical, emotional, past or present. Invoke her blessings of protection for health, harmony, ease. She heals the old wounds of both motherhood and a childhood without loving nurture.

Lady of the Night Orchid (Brassavola nodosa x cordata)

The cartwheel essence that turns everything upside down. For fundamental transformation. Radical shifts in perception. The paradox of opposites merging, changing into one another. Heart as center isn't fooled by right/left, up/down. It is the way through the maze, the hub of the wheel. Joyous, otherworldly, unattached to form. Made on the full moon January 30, 2010.

Lamb's Quarters (Chenopodium album)

Tiny translucent five-pointed crystal star flowers resonate with the vessel that is the divine in human form. A profound evolutionary essence for moving humanity to next stage. Use also in family constellation work, as it clears collective archetypes from the genes relating to suffering as spur to spiritual development. Vessel as medium of transcendence. Acceptance and peace.

Pink Lavender (Lavendula spica rosea)

Gentle and soothing. Most applicable to souls who are so refined, so otherworldly, attuned to star frequencies, that Earth is too much for them. Acts as a step transformer to tone down the voltage, so being here isn't overwhelming.

Starburst Rock Lichen

Deconstructs the past. Intense. The deva has a no-nonsense, "just get on with it" feeling.

Pink Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

All the lilacs restructure elements of our energetic being to allow our souls to express more expansively and truly. The Pink resonates with our emotions, including the heart and heart chakra, and the emotional subtle body. Use for any significant emotional healing. Helpful for important emotional processes such as relationships, parenting, grief.

White Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus)

Angelic joy. Lifts depression, especially from feeling alone, an outsider. Helps to sense our place in the spiritual order of things, claim our power and potency.

Magic Lily (Lycoris squamigera)

Joy of life and discovery, safe, magical womb-like feeling. Heals separations of all sorts: areas of body where emotional/traumatic memories are stored; morphogenetic field of personal and collective separation from the source; feelings and perceptions of being separate. Can induce mild cosmic consciousness. Use whenever a dissolving of boundaries is desired.

Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis)

Excellent for improving family relations. Burns through the dross to get at the gold in family connections. Brings light into the web of connections with others: family, friends, community, co-workers. Assists in restoring the "orders of love" in constellation work.

Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria)

The prime up-by-your-bootstraps essence! A whole, sturdy self rising above the challenges and emotional muck of the past. Triumph of the heart-self, the radiant self-love that uplifts.

White Monkshood (Aconitus napellus)

Helps in those whose defense was to freeze everyone out, or else to take themselves to a safe frozen cave. Excellent for soul retrieval and inner child healing. Step out of the ice stronger, able to bear more of one's light.

Red Maple/Swamp Maple (Acer rubrum)

Perhaps our most common forest tree, beautiful in spring with the sweet rising sap turning young bark red, and the small blossoms like a bright mist on the hillsides. Activating, expansive, warming, vitalizing. Useful for blood and circulation problems, especially of the skin and extremities.

Gold Silk Milkweed (Asclepias lanceolata )

Heals dysfunctional core attachments formed early in life that are fundamentally confusing to the Self. Deep pain and suffering from mistaken sense of bonding and resulting unfulfilling behavior. Self-recrimination based on erroneous self-image. Co-dependency, boundary issues, meeting others' needs in belief they are one's own. Assists in soul retrieval relating to close energetic ties. Essence speeds maturation and healthy self-sufficiency. Heals inappropriate auric merging with others.

Chocolate Mint (Mentha piperita f. citrata "Chocolate")

Concentrated quality of awareness. Brings awareness to a stuck place to release it, such as a tense muscle or other pain. Focuses the mind in meditation, visualization, inner exploration. Helps unpack dense moments of informational downloads, also dreams, to extract full understanding.

Kniola's Purple Morning Glory (Ipomea purpurea)

Helpful to reestablish life's rhythms during and after major transitions, such as menopause/viripause. Attunes to the frequency of the ketheric blueprint to help adjust to new states, physically and energetically. Cleanses frequency interference. Strengthens the pulse of the wisdom self so vital to the mature years.

Pink Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis "Zauberrose")

The structure of the moth orchids has an affinity with the limbic area of the brain, especially the thalamus, that deep place of emotional interpretation. This essence can bring profound healing to the emotional brain. Useful in work with recovery, inner child healing, abuse, and survivors. Especially potent when used with intentional modalities such as TAT, EFT, 12-step programs, affirmations, etc. as intention focuses the deva's activity.

Yellow Moth Mullein (Verbascum hybrid)

Resonates with the causal body. Clears unnecessary or distracting past life residues from current life. Spiritual comfort and reassurance.

Calamondin Orange (Citrofortunella microcarpa)

Opens the meridians and other channels to spiritual energies. Heightens awareness and perception of spiritual dimension that is the root of life on all levels. Calms emotions. Enhances 3rd eye. Attunes to the heart; excellent for those struggling to shift from head to heart centering.

White Pine (Pinus strobus)

The dominant evergreen of the Massachusetts forest, called white for its clear pale wood, and also for the way light plays on its long soft needles. Opens the rusty hinges of the heart to clear white light and self-forgiveness. Releases guilt and regret over past actions, self-blame, self-pity. Brings higher perspective, helping to relax identification with self-blame.

Plantain (Plantago major)

For root chakra issues of lack: poor self-care, malnutrition, degenerative conditions, dietary imbalances. Inability to support or nourish oneself. Supports regulation and detoxification of glands, organs, tissues. Heals and nourishes bones, blood, ground substance. Grounding.

Oriental Poppy (Papaver orientalis)

A foundational essence for physical health through its balancing action on the body's electromagnetic fields. Balances the hemispheres of the brain, often relieving headaches. Strengthens the necessary electrical polarities in tissues, on which all metabolism depends. Helpful for those with chemical and EMF sensitivity, and other disorders of the EMF. With energetic balance, personal vitality and empowerment returns!

Red & Gold Primula (Primula polyantha)

A powerful energetic organizer, useful in ancestral healing and family constellation work. Use whenever an issue may be genetically or energetically inherited, or passed down from an earlier generation.

Purple Leopard Spider Orchid (Colmanara Doppelganger)

Increases the frequency of all cells, expands crystalline antenna dish in sacrum to resonate with incoming neutrino stream, in alignment with local benefit. Adjusts frequencies of body-mind to have positive influence on surroundings. Very flexible--aids in all sorts of uses of specific frequencies. For instance, placing a bottle on a map or photo with intention will raise the frequency of that location. Purifies intentions for highest good. Made on the lunar eclipse at the 2010 winter solstice.

French Breakfast Radish OUT OF STOCK(Raphanus sativus)

Awake! Has a strong clearing action on the core star, awakening the "I am" presence awareness.

Gray & Black Rock Crust (possibly Lecanora circumborealis)

Brings comfort, ease, peace when encrusted by a hard shell of painful, negative, blocked emotions, memories, or patterns. Softens and lightens very deep levels.

White Rock Crust (unknown)

Gradually dissolves all the barriers to enlightenment erected by mind and ego. Removes fear. Allows just being.

Smooth Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria mammulata)

Reprograms DNA and liquid crystal ground substance that carries the energetic field for human social interactions, which is currently shifting into more evolutionary openness. Our genes are imprinted with the experiences of past generations. This essences allows us to choose to keep or release these.

Peach Sage (Salvia coccinea "Peaches")

Helps integrate sensual and sexual being with mental, emotional and everyday aspects of self. Integrates sexuality and spirituality. Helpful for couples moving in together for the first time.

Starflower (Trientalis borealis)

The inner star of hope, shining sweet guiding light on our often muddled paths. Your lucky star! Eases the disparity between hopes and the mind's often limited picture of reality. A key essence for soul retrieval, helping lost/dissociated parts find their way closer and closer to Earth, and finally home in our hearts.

Red Sunflower (Helianthus annuus "Velvet Queen")

Empowering. Strengthens lower chakras, especially root and sacral. Clarifies and vitalizes the positive "I." Physically empowering, grounding to soul and self. Resonates with Human Design heart center. Excellent with Yarrow essences for toning boundaries.

Sharry Baby Butterfly Orchid (Oncidium Sharry Baby)

A complex essence useful for casualties of our exploitive cultural fantasies of wish-fulfillment without consequences: non-stop techno-fun; instant sex; junk food; dependence on drugs and chemicals to fix our problems. Pain, grief and soul loss resulting from struggling to live the fantasy. For those who don't fit society's perfect picture. When social disconnection is painful but trying to connect is unsatisfying. Helps ground the self in the soul again, and transmute personal and collective pain into spiritual growth.

White Shooting Star OUT OF STOCK(Dodecatheon dentatum)

Excellent for soul retrieval and embodiment issues at all ages. Useful for souls who drew back from full incarnation out of fear of losing their connection with spirit, especially where there are memories of this having happened in other lives. Overcomes this fear of being cut off from spirit, so the soul can bring their true light to Earth.

Silver Bells Orchid (Dendrobium x nobile)

A profound resonance with the primordial sound of the cosmos. Use to hear the voice of spirit, inner children, one's own inner song. Healing for those who have felt silenced, unheard, never listened to. Each of our voices is part of the universal music.

Star-of-Bethlehem (Ornithogallum umbellatum)

Key essence for healing all trauma, past, present, conscious, unconscious. Useful for PTSD, dissociative states, soul retrieval, inner child healing. Brings a beautiful sense of cohesion to what had been torn asunder.

Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia)

Grounds and focuses the fiery intensity of those who are scattered, energetically disorganized, with tendencies to space out or dissociate.

Sundrops OUT OF STOCK(Oenothera fruticosa)

This daytime member of the evening primrose family is the essence of sunny , childlike innocence. So open, protective, healing. Mother Earth and Father Sky at their most gentle and loving. Comforts and smooths away fears, traumas, old memories to breathe in the Now as if the past had truly not been. Excellent adjunct to prenatal healing, and restoration of original imprints for this life.

White Sweet Pea (Lathyrus latifolius alba)

For feeling at home, a sense of spiritual belonging in one's place. Helpful for those who have been uprooted, moved a lot as children, or whose parents/ancestors emigrated from a deeply rooted heritage in another land. For experiences of spiritual homelessness, such as when forebears lost their heritage, culture, language.

Sweet Potato (Ipomea batata)

The deepest biological rhythms, the original pulse of life, of the soul, of the body. Helps to organize embodiment, health.

Thumbnail Orchid OUT OF STOCK(Dendrobium lingueforme)

Assists in higher knowledge of structures and processes of growth, development, decay in life forms and in knowledge itself. Helpful in reversing all slow decay processes such as gradual declines in well-being due to subtle loss of alignment with inner self and life purpose, such as disharmony with a partner or work situation.

Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Casts off layers of accumulations of all sorts, clearing the subtle bodies, the mind, the collective pain body, and past experiences of this and other lives. Supports physical detox, weight loss, emotional release, decluttering. Generates enthusiasm about being free and clear!

Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens)

An awakening essence; among the first flowers to bloom in the forests. Unbelievable luscious tropical scent. Brings gentle awareness to when we choose to live in limitations that feel secure. Broad application to raising conscious awareness. Works to allow joy, pleasure, love.

Red Yarrow (Achillea "Pomegranate")

Brings definition and distinctness to energetic awareness of boundaries. Certainty about what is you and what is not. Heightens awareness of the shape of one's field, so one can create a shape that works better for you, as you'd restore a plastic jug after it was squeezed. These can be energetic imprints from birth, like fingerprints in clay. Unmet needs, incomplete gestures can leave the boundary extended or depressed, to attract or repel the completing experience. Has had remarkable effects. You can't be in charge of your own energies if you aren't clear about where they are. Restores the true qualities of your energetic shape, like those expanding rings of light around paintings of the Buddha. Helps with accurate body sense, restores healthy boundaries after invasions. Relieves pain from things like bee stings. Helpful for skin eruptions.


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Combination Flower Essences

Clear Knowing

Clarity of perception, minimizing beliefs, assumptions, desires. Sensing oneself and one's purpose in spiritual perspective. Calm purity of self-knowledge that is heart-centered and without ego. Alert attunement to what is happening around you.

Persian Star, Velvet Grass, Pale Spike Lobelia, Japanese Iris Vajrasana, Phalaenopsis fasciata Moth Orchid, Hosta, Cornelian Cherry, Clearweed, Agapanthes.

Creative Release

Helps those who hesitate to express themselves creatively for whatever reason. Helps blocked artists find their way, and gives those in turmoil an outlet by connecting with one's inner truth and soul as the source of inspiration. Releases fears and negative beliefs about standards and rules. Works for any size project and any age of block. Encourages joy and being in the moment with the creative process.

Japanese and Bearded Irises, Scallion, Leek, Lemon Balm, Poet's Narcissus, Daffodil Golden Ducat, Dendrobium capillipes Orchid, Clematis, Winter Jasmine, Wild Blueberry, Echinops Cactus, Plantain.

Dream Healer

For intentionally having a healing dream, receiving healing during a dream, and for healing while asleep.

Dreamcatcher Orchid, White Moth Orchid, Russian Sage, Anaconda Lily, Mugwort, Lady of the Night Orchid, Orchids, Pale Self Heal.

Environmental Rescue

Reduces and helps prevent stress and hypersensitivity reactions to exposures to chemicals, allergens, toxic emotional environments, and general bad vibes. Balances right/left electrical field in brain. Protects etheric energy body. Provides centered perspective on one's presence in the world, calming personal emotional triggers. Take before and while being exposed.

Oriental Poppy, Chicory, Creamy Yarrow, White Annual Sweet Pea, White Perennial Sweet Pea, butterfly Bush, White Erythronium.

Gender Clarity

For those questioning gender identity or sexual orientation; for those reluctant to accept identities they are drawn to but were not raised with; for those with past life memories or an inner child with different gender than the present biological body; for the intersex or hormonally challenged. This combination is for accepting one's true self regardless of the labels others and society place. Coming to peace in the heart and unconditional love for one's self in all expressions and viewpoints.

Peonies, Chives, Roses, Twinflower, Trailing Arbutus, Orchids, Tree Peony, Pink Self Heal, Black Dragon Lily, Magic Lily, Pink Moth Orchid.

Happy Baby

It's hard work being born! I've worked with moms and babies for years, besides being a mom myself, and this blend is designed to release stress, tension and trauma from infants and babies. It is totally safe for newborns, and helps the soul fully enter the body, gently and protected. It is preserved with vegetable glycerin which tastes sweet but is not a sugar.

Star of Bethlehem, Rose "Angel Wings", Dandelion, Shooting Star, Orange Yarrow.

Healing Hands

For bodyworkers and others who use their hands to heal. Builds confidence in following intuition and subtle perception. Strengthens the healer's vital center.

Antelope Dendrobium Orchid, Witch Hazel, White Heather, White Boltonia, Red Sunflower, White Thyme, Lavender-pink Sedum, Starflower.

Healing Roots

For releasing ancestral or inherited patterns of illness, limitation, belief, emotion. Also helpful for Family Constellation work. Brings balance and a flow of love to one's life by releasing, restructuring, reordering.

White Cactus, Veronica spicata, Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato, Maiden Grass, Parsnip, Eastern Hemlock, Honeysuckle, Scarlet Runner Bean, President Lincoln Lilac.

Heart Shield

Balances and strengthens the heart center. Protects the heart chakra from negative emotions and from forming unhealthy connections. Provides a calm perspective. Transmutes over- involvement into compassion. Helpful to children in transition or stressful environments.

Pink Yarrow, Wood Anenome, Dianthus superbus, Giant Yellow Jewelweed, Encyclia pentotes Orchid, Sundew, Chrysanthemum, Scarlet Runner Bean, Starflower.

Host of Daffodils

All my daffodil essences in one bottle. Daffodils direct subtle energy into consciousness and manifestation. they balance, strengthen, and organize chakras. They assist latent positive energy patterns to express, such as inner children, lost aspects of self or soul, inhibited or repressed vital forces, dreams, desires, talents.

Narcissus, Daffodils, Jonquils, 15 in all.

Immune Booster

Put the safe energies of the nature kingdom to work to boost your immune system and stave off germies of all sorts! Pansy to shrug off flu like water off a duck's back. Pyrite gem elixir to repel parasites and skin stuff. This awesome piece of mineral has the shape of a sunflower! Talk about golden radiance! Garlic to strengthen your aura.

Pink Yarrow to strengthen your solar plexus center so you don't absorb negative emotions from other people and places. Bloodroot to cleanse your lymph, boost your immune system and strengthen your spleen center so you don't pick up other people's "sickness energies." Parsley to strengthen your kidney chi, the root of all your other systems. This flower essence remedy also strengthens your ability to be you which is the foundation of all energetic integrity.

Inner Physician

Assists in connecting with one's inner physical facilitator. The inner physician can communicate all information concerning physiology, nutrition, metabolism, structural issues, pain, etc, and can assist with direct contact and dialog with organs, glands, tissues, and illnesses.

Cucumber, Calceolaria, Skullcap, Creeping Thyme, Rose "Sir Thomas Lipton", Tree Peony, Phalaenopsis fasciata Moth Orchid.

Kidney Chi Support

The kidneys energetically support all the other organs and functions. They are our root and stability. When strong, they protect us from stress and keep us centered in myriad ways. This combination supports what is most key to kidney strength, which is feeling rooted in oneself, and able to express oneself. Helps kidney chi and adrenal function, protects from stress, and strengthens absorption of nourishing energies. Promotes the reorganization of energies to help strengthen both kidney chi and self-identity.

Parsley, Tigerface Moth Orchid, Penstemon barbatus, Garlic, Encyclia polybulbon, Plantain, Pepper, Tomato.

Nerve Heal

Helpful for anyone with nerve damage or deterioration from any cause. Helps heal the nerves and the systems that depend on and are degraded by nerve issues. Calming and soothing.

Comfrey, Star of Bethlehem, Poppies, Cranesbill, Valerian, Horsemint, Elecampane, Buddha Orchid, Yellow Impatiens.

Original Pulse

Underneath all the layers of life experiences lies the original clear energetic pattern of our spiritual and biological identity that preceded and catalyzed conception. By reconnecting to this original pattern and strengthening its resonance in body, mind and spirit, it is possible to reset our lives to a more positive course, shake off unwanted negative patterns, and regain a sense of youthful selfhood full of possibility and vitality.

Sweet Potato, Snowdrop, Allamanda, Sundrops, Czech Black Pepper, Willow Herb.

Safe Passage

To guide the soul smoothly through the transition of death, into the welcoming light. Opens the heart to release worldly concerns and say goodbye. Gently releases identification with the body. Connects with guides, loved ones and helpers on the spirit plane. Continues to work after death, transcending space and time to provide support, protection and guidance to the soul. Works at a distance and for animals.

Bird Head Orchid, Angel's Trumpet, Dropwort, Forget-Me-Not, Torch Lily, Phlox, White Rose Campion.

Sweet Dreams

Promotes deep, restful sleep. Protects the astral and soul energies during sleep. Has helped with snoring, restlessness, and nightmares. Often increases the vividness of dreams and the ability to recall them.

White Poppy, Japanese Irises, Goldthread, Winter Jasmine, St. John's Wort, Valerian.

Thought Form Buster

Breaks up inherited and absorbed beliefs and their associated energetic patterns held in the chakras and subtle bodies. Works on cultural, religious, ethnic, ancestral, family, and personal thought forms. Can also help cleanse entities, implants and other baddies.

Pear, Centaurea montana, Giant Daffodil, Great Blue Lobelia, Garlic, White Cactus, Pipewort, Mountain Laurel, Pole Bean, Crocuses, Helleborine Orchid.

Wanted and Loved

For those who felt rejected or abandoned early in life, or spent ears in unloving or unaffectionate work or family situations. Helps find a loving home in your self and your life. Heals tender feelings bruised by harsh contacts with others.

Chard, Oncidium Orchids, Scarlet Runner Bean, Viburnum, White Hollyhock, White Thornless Rose, White Perennial Sweet Pea, Marsh Marigold.

Welcome Home Veterans

Eases the transition from the military and war to family and civilian life. Helps families of vets and adult children of vets. Reorients energies, relieves stress and trauma, releases memories and built up tension. Balances and clears heart, mind and will. Protects from jagged emotions.

I developed this for my own use, and it was so helpful I gave it to my brothers. Our dad flew a bomber in WWII, was shot down, taken prisoner, and a POW. No visible wounds, but we grew up with his trauma.

Hyacinth, Honeyberry Honeysuckle, Eggplant, Garlic, Lemon Lily, Borage, Mullein, White Fawn Lily, Tomatoes, Pink Yarrow, Star of Bethlehem, White Bellflower, Iris Beverly Sills.

Just Me

Strong personal and energetic boundaries are vital for health, happiness, and good relationships. You need to know where and who you are before you can responsibly share your space with others. This combination can give you a better sense of where your energetic boundaries are, and protect you from inadvertently picking up other people's thoughts, emotions, negativity, and other "stuff". It will also clear out your auric space so you can think and feel more clearly. There are empowering, expanding, and vitalizing essences to power-up your energy field, so you can be more of who you really are.

Crabapple, Peony Illini Warrior, Autumn Melon Daylily, Daffodils, Yarrows, Mauve Mullein, Greek Oregano, Heliopsis, Red Carrot, Bloodroot, Elephant Garlic, Yugoslavian Rocambole Garlic, Tartary Buckwheat, Strawberry Pink Panda, buttercup, Scarlet Runner Bean, Monkshood, Red Sunflower

Lymph Clear

The immune fluid and its nodes and energy channels is essential to health and energetic clarity. Anyone with immune system challenges, circulation issues, or planning a cleanse or detoxification regime can benefit from this combination. It contains essences for deep healing, restoring the body's intelligence, cleansing, and energetic support for the fluid cleansing systems of the water and earth meridians. I also added a single drop of Chaparral herbal tincture to the stock bottle, from which I make the dosage bottles I sell.

Comfrey, Parsley, Helenium, Goldie Tomato, Bedstraw, Bloodroot, Glowing Tangerine Daylily, Thumbnail Orchid

Divine Mother

Heals primary wound from dysfunctional infant-mother bond, transforming one's relationship to others and the world into the nurturing, trusting, loving and fun experience having a great mom ought to be. The world is our mother, and when our relation with life is disrupted, we're always trying to get that original need met. The world mirrors our own creation myth of rejection or victimhood. Only by becoming aware, healing and letting go of the old stories, can we truly accept ourselves and the world. Out of acceptance, allowing the world to be as it is, allowing our feelings to flow without resistance or judgement, happiness spontaneously arises.

Milk Thistle, Gold Silk Milkweed, Bleeding Heart, Willow Herb, Crested Iris, Lady's Mantle, Strawberry Pink Panda, Elephant Garlic, Masterwort, Yellow Moth Mullein, Buddha Orchid, Black Lily, Okra, Magic Lily, Wild Blueberry, Queen of the Meadow, Melon Jenny Lind, White Rock Crust, Gray and Black Rock Crust, Peonies

Money Flow

Money isn't just about having an abundance; it is about being part of the flow of the human ecology of life energy that money represents. We give, receive and recycle money, just as plants and animals recycle nutrients and energy. To focus on prosperity and abundance encourages the consumerism that is changing our climate and ravaging Earth. What we need, and, I believe, truly desire, is to feel part of human life and cultural exchange. We'd like to feel secure in having enough to feel generous, grateful and happy, to light up someone's face with our gift. This is the true abundance.

This combination clears limiting beliefs and patterns such as fears, insecurities, unworthiness, etc. from our ancestors and our karma. It heals emotional wounds related to not having enough, not getting what we need and want, and not being able to give and receive love as we long to. There are also essences to aid in manifesting goals, achieving dreams and desires. Essences connect us to the Source of all joy, love, and material blessings, and the understanding of the heart that the true gifts and treasures are those we take with us when we die: treasures of the soul are eternal while the body and the accumulations of objects remain behind.

Golden Marguerite, Crested Iris, Money Plant, Peony, Daffodils, Sedge, Christmas Cactus, Phlox, Cornelian Cherry, Helichrysum, Black Pepper, Hollyhocks, Heliopsis, Lamb's Quarters, California Poppy, Orpine, Golden Pert, Daylily

New Earth

Includes some of my newest transformational essences. Made with the guidance of the spiritual energies flooding into our world at this amazing time, they help our bodies, minds, and emotional beings adapt to the changes and higher frequencies of love and consciousness. Lichens and Rock Crusts work as vibrational essences on fundamental structures of our human existence: they dissolve the mental-emotional shell of the ego, the let in the light of spirit, they restructure the DNA to the new human chapter now beginning. We are becoming more energetic, more telepathic as a species. Communicating with each other and with the other intelligences who share our planet and our galaxy is going to be more and more necessary to heal our planet and our societies. Understanding what we are doing in these bodies, who we are and what we are capable of are first steps. These essences ease the changes and support expansion into the new human beingness.

Lichens, Rock Crusts, Bright Lights Cosmos, Daylilies, Orchids, Lamb's Quarters, Campanula, Daffodils, Orange Mint, Weeping Peach, Jenny Lind Melon

Anger Relief

As cosmic pressures to evolve and transform intensify, our most resistant aspects are exacerbated. There is so much to be angry about these days--politics, religion, injustice, violence--as well as the personal frustrations of life in a fast-paced, stressful world. Though a natural response to attack, anger is rarely of benefit. It stresses our already stressed nerves and organs. These essences ease the sources of anger, which lie in our inherited, habitual and learned reactive patterns. Outmoded causes of unhappiness, we can let them go if we have the understanding and awareness to let go of resistance and choose a different way.

Lichens, Orpine, Crested Iris, Barberry, Moonshine Yarrow, Big Beef Tomato, Lemon Balm Red Carrot, Aztec Nicotiana, Crested Iris, Dandelion, Twig Lichen, Sedge, White Ash Tree, White Fawn Lily, Smooth Rock Tripe, Yellow Jewelweed, Daffodil The Pensioner, Peonies, Clematis, and Dawn Marie Orchid. And Mauve Maroon Daylily refreshes the liver meridian, which is the organ that is aggravated by anger, and can be habituated to angry reactions.


Energetic natural support for healing and change, release and awareness associated with all sorts of bodywork. Flower essences support the healing process and transition to new ways of being and moving. They assist in healing nerve and connective tissues, and releasing old emotions as bodywork awakens cellular and unconscious memories and their associated emotions. During sessions, they help soften and relax long-held tissue resistance patterns.

Rosemary, Nolana, Herb Robert, Motherwort, Stonecrop, Lady's Mantle, Phlox, Crested Orchid, Yellow Moth Mullein, Red Gladiolus, Daylilies, Yarrows

Detox Your Life

Energetic support for releasing physical, emotional, and mental toxins. Whether you're on a fast, a retreat, a cleansing diet or detoxification protocol, or just needing some space to yourself to clear your head and your life, this combination promotes elimination of the old, unneeded, toxic and negative on all levels. Helps clear out fear and change beliefs, ego patterns, and emotional energies to increase love, awareness, trust.

Crabapple, Bloodroot, Parsley, Purple Poppy, Tomato, Thumbnail Orchid, Lichens, Orpine, Onion, Chesnok Red Garlic, Golden Pert, Twig Lichen, Indian Cucumber Root, Azalea, Penstemon barbatus

Soul Rescue

Many souls incarnating now have suffered trauma to the vulnerable soul energies in past or present lives. Many of us are frayed, pieces of us are misplaced, important abilities and capacities are unable to express fully because of not feeling safe in our physical bodies. This combination heals the tattered soul energies, aligns and provides energetic integrity to the subtle and physical bodies, and helps to connect the conscious self and mind to the eternal certainties of the soul. People feel more present, whole and complete, brighter, more vital after taking this. Also excellent for soul retrieval work, and after trauma such as accident, surgery, or intense drug experiences.

White Allium Pulchellum, White Shooting Star, Pink Lavender, Red Yarrow, Single White Peony, Star of Bethlehem, Queen of the Meadow, White Borage, Blackberry, White Sweet Pea, White Rock Rose, Silver Rod

All My Basils

I grow a new variety of basil every year, and add new essences to this bottle as I make them. Basils are valuable for clearing the sexual energy channels of fears, beliefs, trauma, and memories from this or other lives. They can also assist in fuller, deeper sexual experiences, more spiritual sexuality, and increased joy in life as this fundamental level of vitality is freed from burdens.

All My Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flower essences. To quote my friend Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman of Fox Mountain Essences, they "renew faith and hope." Each color resonates on a different level: red for vitality and the here and now, white for the soul, pink for emotions, yellow for self, and so on. Excellent for anyone feeling stuck, trapped, hopeless, depressed, looking for work, or working through personal growth issues.

Rainbow of Irises

All my iris essences in one bottle. Iris connect us with our souls in various ways. The bearded or German irises help with manifestation--the soul is the creative force within us. Japanese irises support higher consciousness and spiritual development. The wild irises have fundamental and profound activity. A gentle yet profound way to support the life's path.

Peonies WOW!

Over 50 varieties of peony grow in my garden. I guess you can tell this is one of my most favorite flowers, and has been since I was a child. I'm going to quote Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of flower essences in their modern form. He said that all disease is caused by disharmony between the soul and the personality. This is exactly what peony essences address. In the form of the blossom, we can see the innermost sanctum of being, surrounded by quite a variety of petal forms and colors. The overall structure expresses the essence's action on the shape of the human psyche. Always bringing us closer to unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, our life, and others.

All My Roses

Roses connect us with our souls through our hearts. As the soul is the foundation of life's energy to be here, rose essences have a broad application for all sorts of issues, from infant failure to thrive, to depression, to avocation, relationships, creativity, and spiritual development. I grow a variety of colors, forms, and types of rose.

All My Lilies

Surely lilies are one of the most celebrated flower throughout human culture. Their stiff upright stems and sparse leaves spring from bulbs that can live for decades in harsh climates. They are among the loveliest of flowers, with many deliciously scented also. They assist us in finding balance and harmony between the extremes that we ourselves embody: spirit and matter. Good for all extremes and polarities, existential crisis, crises of meaning and faith. Helpful for any type of mind/body split, and for lack of vitality.

All My Yarrows

A foundational flower for energetic repair and protection. So helpful in all cases of chronic illness, environmental sensitivity, trauma, and boundary issues from dysfunctional families of origin. Also important in subtle energetic repair after using drugs including medications and alcohol.

All My Tomatoes

All tomatoes dissolve blockages and assist with cleansing. I have found each variety of tomato to make an essence with a unique level of action. Some have specific affinities for different body tissues, subtle bodies, and so on. Excellent detoxification support, whether physical, energetic, mental or emotional.

All My Phlox

What a gentle, uplifting flower! All the phloxes I've conversed with share the quality of bringing us closer to the community of spiritual beings ready and willing to assist us in every imaginable way. Taking the phlox essences opens us to their help, and helps us remember to ask for it. Wonderful for those who feel alone, abandoned, disconnected from spirit, comfort and succor.


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