Q: What are flower essences good for?

Flower essences don't cure everything, of course, and in my experience in over 30 years of observing their effects, they help you feel better about everything, even what you seem to be stuck with. In fact, the stuck feeling begins to shift into possibilities. And if you just need a little boost, or something to smooth out the rough edges of life, flower essences are great for that, too.

Here are some conditions that are commonly helped by flower essences: depression, anxiety, stress, creative blocks, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and other attention and learning challenges, sexual difficulties, career and work problems, student stress, transitions, fatigue, eating disorders, addiction, abuse recovery and inner child integration, relationship, social and communication problems, vulnerability, self esteem, personal empowerment, insomnia and nightmares.

Flower essences change our vibrational frequency, so anytime you're looking for a change from something, to something different, there are flower essences to assist in letting go of the old vibration and moving toward the new one you've chosen.

Q: How are flower essences taken?

Several different flower essences are usually combined in water to make a dosage bottle combination. Drops of the combination are taken in the mouth or in a glass of water each day. Single essences may also be taken this way. The essences themselves have no taste or smell, however they are preserved with alcoholic spirits, vinegar or vegetable glycerin.

You can also use flower essences in other ways. Apply essences directly to areas of the body. Combine them with salves and massage oils, or drop them into the bath. Put some in a spray bottle to mist a chair, car, room, a pet's bed or carrying case, plants, or your own aura. Add them to your laundry's wash water, your hot tub, pool or sauna.

Q: Are flower essences safe for everyone?

Flower essences are completely safe, even for pregnant women and newborn infants. They are 100% vibrational remedies: that means none, zero, zilch of the actual material of the plant they were made from is in the essence. There is no worrying about toxicity, side effects, or how they will combine with other remedies or medications.

Q: Are flower essences the same as essential oils, fragrance essences and aromatherapy?

No, they are completely different. Flower essences are made by floating blossoms on pure water in sunlight. Flower essences contain no physical extract of the plant at all, just pure energy imprinted on water. Flower essences have no fragrance, and no chemical activity. They have no harmful side effects at all.

Essential oils are made by usually intense heat and pressure from huge amounts of plant materials. Essential oils concentrate chemically active constituents of plants. Every essential oil has a powerful fragrance and chemical activity. They must be used with knowledge and care to prevent harmful side effects.

Some people like to combine flower essences, essential oils, and fragrances. I like to work with the flower essences alone, as I find them potent just as they are made.

Q: Are flower essences like Bach flower remedies?

Flower essences and flower remedies are interchangeable names. The flower remedies made by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900's are known all over the world. What is not so well known is that people have continued Dr. Bach's work, discovering many more flower essences with healing properties. Dr. Bach's name is now used for a particular brand name of flower remedies.

Q: Can flower essences be combined with medications,
homeopathy and other treatments?

In fact, flower essences help other treatments work better! People taking flower essences usually respond more quickly and thoroughly to other healing treatments. This is because flower essences help the body's systems work in harmony with each other, and with our mind and spirit.

The energy patterns of flower essences are very stable, and they work at a different level from other treatments. This means you don't have to worry about how long its been since you ate or took medication before taking your flower essence.

The exception to this is homeopathy. Because homeopathic remedies and flower essences are both vibrational medicines, it is best to wait 15 to 30 minutes between taking them. Ask your homeopath how long to wait before putting anything in your mouth before and after your remedy.

Homeopathic remedies can be harmed by caffeine, cigarettes, and strong odors such as from essential oils and peppermint. However, the vibrational pattern of flower essences is not affected by the use of essential oils. Just don't get the oils on the essence bottle, or store them together.

Q: Do you have to believe in them for flower essences to work?

Flower essences work on babies, animals and people in comas where belief is not a factor. Physics shows us that everything in the universe is a form of energy. The atomic and subatomic particles that form all matter are in constant vibration. Living things have measurable frequencies within their tissues. All life is surrounded by a field of energy, aspects of which can be detected, though it is difficult to get accurate and meaningful measurments because energy fields are constantly interacting with those around them. It is these flower energies that are transferred from blossom to water in the making of flower essences. In addition, the quantum entanglement of the essence, the plant's spiritual intelligence, and the essence-maker's healing intention create dynamic action beyond time and space.

Q: How long does it take flower essences to work?

Most people feel a gentle, gradual shift over the course of a few weeks. Some people feel this more quickly, and a few people feel something instantly! The longer you use flower essences, the stronger the loving, healing, harmonious energies become in your system.

Q: Do flower essences have any side effects?

Not the way medications have side effects. Flower essences have no biochemical activity, and cannot cause physical side effects. A few people experience some discomfort as their backlog of suppressed emotions, trauma, and absorbed influences are released. This usually passes in a few days. When physical changes are noticed, they are part of the individual healing process, not something that everyone who takes that essence will experience.

Q: Which flower essences are used to make Astroessence combinations?

I've made over 500 flower, lichen, gem, moss & fungi essences in my organic garden and the surrounding Massachusetts forests. These are the essences I use to formulate my combinations, and the single flower essences that are for sale on this site. I sell my combinations through my Astroessence etsy shop as well this website you're on. The complete list of Astroessence combinations is on my Astroessence etsy shop.

In addition, for consultations for clients and customers, I use essences from the following lines made by others, and a few odd bottles from unlisted makers here and there as well:

  • Aloha Flower Essences from Hawaii
  • Bush Essences from fifth generation herbalist and naturopath Ian White of Australia
  • Crystal Radiance gem essences
  • Essence Alchemy by Mark D'Aquila, who travels the world exploring essences
  • FES created by Flower Essence Society founders Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminsky
  • Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Flower Essences of Fox Mountain made by my friend Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman
  • gem essences made by my friend Cobbie LeBlanc
  • Healing Herbs essences from England, the same 38 flowers made world-famous by the work of Dr. Edward Bach
  • Hummingbird Remedies
  • Living Essences of Australia made in the indigenous tradition
  • Living Tree Orchid Essences from Don Dennis in Scotland
  • Masters Flower Essences by Lila Devi based on the guidance of Paramahansa Yogananda
  • New Millenium Essences from New Zealand
  • Star Riparetti's joyous Star Essences of Andean orchids

I use a variety of essences, as I find that no single line of essences suits everyone. Some people need more of a kick, while others need gentle loving joy. Each line of essences offers a different healing experience. I like to have the right essence for you!

If you have other questions or concerns about using flower essences, please call me at 413-259-1874 or email me at:

ziporah (at) astroessence.com

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